for love/for the love of something

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for the love of

1. For the sake of, in consideration of. For example, She signed up for all these volunteer jobs for the love of praise. [c. 1200]
2. for the love of Pete or Mike or God . An exclamation of surprise, exasperation, or some similar feeling, as in For the love of Pete, give me the money! James Joyce used this idiom in Ulysses (1922): "For the love of Mike listen to him." Pete and Mike are euphemisms for God. [Early 1900s] Also see for the sake of, def. 3.
See also: love, of

(just) for ˈlove/for the ˈlove of something

if you do something for love, you do it without payment or other reward, because you like the work or the person you are working for: She works in the museum during the summer but she doesn’t get paid. She helps for the love of it.
See also: love, of, something

for the love of

For the sake of; in consideration for: did it all for the love of praise.
See also: love, of
References in classic literature ?
I was mad for love of you then, and in all the time that has passed since then I have only grown the madder.
The druid offers a theocentric ontology of love, arguing that divine creation of the universe calls first for love of the deity; in this view, the love of God takes precedence over romantic love.