for long

for (so) long

For a long time. Your opponent might be leading in the polls now, but not for long—your big speech tonight will change all that. I haven't seen you for so long—how are you?
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for (so) ˈlong

for (such) a long time: Will you be away for long?I’m sorry I haven’t written to you for so long.
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There is much difficulty in ascertaining how much modification our domestic productions have undergone; but we may safely infer that the amount has been large, and that modifications can be inherited for long periods.
An ever-growing number of people who have gone on to retirement haven't stayed inactive for long. And they aren't solely spending their newfound free time on hobbies.
To address one of the main concerns for Long Beach citizens--graffiti--the department's Gang Enforcement Section has dedicated two detectives to investigate these crimes.
He believes the Long Island City submarket will benefit from the strength of midtown Manhattan's Class A office market, the continuing trend of regional decentralization in the New York Tri-State area and the significant infrastructure and zoning upgrades planned for Long Island City.
Most marathoners do run their long training runs slower than their expected pace the day of the marathon (LSD is short for long, slow distance).
While consumers face inadequate coverage of nursing homes and other long term care costs that can reach $4,500 or more per month, the current system is equally precarious for long term care providers.
John Van Bogart, director of media research at NML, who conducted these studies, believes that 10 [degrees] C (50 [degrees] F) and 20 percent relative humidity provide the ideal storage environment for those electronic records retained for long periods of time.
"We've known for some time that there are individuals who remain healthy for long periods of time with HIV infection," says coauthor Susan Buchbinder of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
Birute Barodicaite, formerly a Page company member, teaches intermediate ballet; Juanita Lopez gives Pilates-based exercise classes; and, until his recent move to North Carolina School of the Arts, Warren Conover (American Ballet Theatre soloist and ballet master of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago) was a frequent alternate teacher for Long's daily ballet class.
If it is unsettling to nineties sensibilities to think that a vote for Long is remotely possible, was there any other choice available to a Louisiana vote not part of the conservative, affluent elite?
On the leasing front, activity for Long Island as a whole totaled 458,000 s/f.
NADONA/LTC worked vigorously to establish professional relationships with the various disciplines in long term care, in an effort to promote quality of care and quality of life for long term care residents.
Therefore, it should be much easier for short-sellers to find overpriced candidates for short sales than it is for long buyers to find cheap candidates for purchase.
The industry has placed limited emphasis on DONs' educational preparation, while schools of nursing have been slow to develop curriculum content that would prepare nurses for long term care leadership positions.