for (one's) part

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for (one's) part

1. As far as is related to, regards, or concerns someone; to the degree that someone is involved or a part of (something). For the employees' part, the merger means that many will be losing their jobs. Jane for her part has been instrumental in getting this project off the ground.
2. As comes from or is done by one. Guarantees for the banks' part must be provided to assure the country's citizens that their money is safe during this period of recovery. There has been no shortage of effort for his part to make sure this campaign has been successful.
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for one's (own) part

as far as one is concerned; from one's point of view. For my own part, I wish to stay here. For her part, she prefers chocolate.
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for one's part

Also, on one's part; on the part of one.
1. So far as one is concerned, as regards one's share in the matter. For example, You may want to go out, but for my part I want to stay home, or On the part of the others, they expect a small share of the profits. [Mid-1400s]
2. Regarding or with respect to the one specified, as in For the Confederates' part, a daring strategy accounted for their victory at Chancellorsville, or, as Thomas Macaulay put it in History of England (1849): "No excess of tyranny on the part of a prince can justify active resistance on the part of a subject." [c. 1400]
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for ˈmy, ˈhis, etc. (own) part

as far as I am, he is, etc. concerned: For my part I don’t care whether they win or not.
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for (one's) part

So far as one is concerned.
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