for sake

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for (one's) (own) sake

Out of regard or respect for someone or oneself; for the benefit, advantage, or good of oneself or another person. For my own sake, I'm going to take a few extra days off at Christmas to spend with my family. For Jonathan's sake, we need to be sure to find a restaurant that is sensitive to peanut allergies.
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for someone (or something's) sake

 and for the sake of someone or something
for the purpose or benefit of someone or something; to satisfy the demands of someone or something. I made a meatless dinner for John's sake; he's a vegetarian. The teacher repeated the assignment for the sake of the slower students.
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for one's (own) sake

for one's good or benefit; in honor of someone. I have to earn a living for my family's sake. I did it for my mother's sake.
See also: sake
References in classic literature ?
I continued to be greatly interested in the relations between Erik and Christine Daae, not from any morbid curiosity, but because of the terrible thought which obsessed my mind that Erik was capable of anything, if he once discovered that he was not loved for his own sake, as he imagined.
but I sadly fear that I must part with my son for a little while, for his own sake.
We wish that the Libyan leader immediately withdraw from the administration and leave Libya for his own sake and the sake of his country's future without leading to further destruction.
LET'S hope Celtic loan star Robbie Keane continues to hit the goal trail - for his own sake.
Concerned police then intervened for his own sake to escort him to safety.
when you see the castle you must persuade him to stay there, for his own sake.
For his own sake as much as ours, he needs to sort himself out otherwise his Premiership dream will not be realised on his current form, despite yesterdays MoM award which drew laughter and ridicule from the Bob Bank faithful.
Identify up front the ideas she actually espoused: that man must choose his values and actions by reason; that the individual has a right to exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing self to others nor others to self; and that no one has the right to seek values from others by physical force, or impose ideas on others by physical force.
The voices of those politicians who claimed the individual is free to exist for his own sake, from Thomas Jefferson to Barry Goldwater, faded.
But I, for one, am happy now to love Rockwell for his own sake, and not because he learned some tricks from Mondrian.
What he needs to do now - for his own sake and even for Scotland's - is get playing, and playing well.