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In those rulings, the IRS held that compensation was still performance based even though the payments could be made upon involuntary termination without cause or voluntary termination for good reason.
Employers who relied on the prior rulings will now need to change their compensation programs on a prospective basis to eliminate payments upon involuntary termination without cause, voluntary termination for good reason, or voluntary retirement or, if no changes are made to the compensation program, reevaluate their tax position with respect to the deductibility of the compensation.
While conditions in the country were far from perfect, the 'storming' of the Bastille is said to have freed only nine prisoners, some of whom were there for good reason.
A SOLDIER who claimed 13 people were shot dead for good reason on Bloody Sunday refused to testify at the Saville Inquiry yesterday.
With this, some said Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't play leading roles for good reason, that he's too good, intense, supersaturated to be a leading man.
Many a fitness-minded connoisseur has relied on that fact to feel good about wine with dinner--and for good reason.
The vesting of the options will accelerate if Hobbs' employment is terminated without cause or for good reason after a change of control.
Douglas for good reason and will vest to the extent of 66% if there is a change in control of the Company within 18 months.
Douglas for good reason, within 3 months prior to or 18 months following a change in control of the Company and will vest to the extent of 50% in the event of a change in control within 18 months not involving termination of Mr.
Repair shops call these parts `Taiwan trash` for good reason -- they have substandard fit, impact resistance, and mechanical operation.
00 -- The central thought of Jonathan Dancy's Practical Reality is that any philosophically adequate account of reasons for action has to preserve the sense of the idea that agents can act for good reasons.
15)--fail to explain how agents can act for good reasons.