for fun

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for fun

In jest; humorously; not seriously. He teased her mercilessly, but though she found it hurtful, in his mind, it was all just for fun.
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for fun

1. Also, in fun. As a joke, not seriously. For example, For fun the children told the teacher it was a holiday, or Their teasing was just in fun. [Mid-1800s]
2. for the fun of it; for kicks. For pleasure or excitement. For example, He played basketball for the fun of it, or They drove around for hours, just for kicks. Also see for the hell of it.
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for ˈfun


for the ˈfun of it

for the pleasure or enjoyment of something, not because it’s important or serious: I entered the competition just for fun — I never thought I’d win.‘Why did you say it if you didn’t mean it?’ ‘For the fun of it. I just wanted to see his reaction.’
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ii) Easter Egg Hunt Study, conducted by Invoke Solution in 2005, revealed 87 percent of moms are looking for fun items to create a great egg hunt experience; 83 percent of moms look for new items; and, 78 percent of moms want to make their egg hunts a surprise.
what features they value most in a store where they shop for fun (20 attributes are measured, see methodology for details)
What categories of goods they buy for fun, including home furnishings, entertainment and recreational products, personal fashion and clothing and other goods (31 product categories included, see methodology for details)
He spends the least amount of money shopping for fun and recreationally shops less often than the other personalities.
Hollywood Casino and Pepsi Cola will be synonymous with true entertainment venues that consumers frequent for fun and excitement.
Kodak Gold 800 Film for Fun Saver Cameras -- Designed especially for Fun Saver one-time-use cameras, this film provides consumers with more flexibility in a variety of picture-taking conditions, including low light.