for all (one) is worth

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for all (one) is worth

1. To the greatest degree or extent of one's ability; to the utmost; as vigorously or intensely as possible. When I saw the police approaching, I ran for all I was worth.
2. As much as one has available or to offer. If you can't get her to sign a prenup now, that guy is liable to take her for all she's worth if they get divorced.
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for all one is worth

1. To the utmost of one's power or ability, as in Coming onto the homestretch she ran for all she was worth. [Second half of 1800s]
2. for all or for what it's worth ; for whatever it's worth. Even though it may not be important or valuable. For example, Here's my opinion, for what it's worth, or For whatever it's worth I've decided to take the train. [Late 1800s]
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for all someone is worth

1 as energetically or enthusiastically as someone can. 2 so as to obtain everything you can from someone. informal
1 1995 Kate Atkinson Behind the Scenes at the Museum In the kitchen, Brian, Adrian's lover, is wearing Bunty's pink rubber gloves and washing up for all he's worth.
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do something for ˌall you are ˈworth

do something with as much energy and effort as possible: I shouted for all I was worth but no one heard me.
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for all (one) is worth

To the utmost of one's powers or ability.
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References in classic literature ?
If Raffles is to come to life, old chap, he shall go a-Raffling for all he's worth! There's something to be done with a bicycle, too.
Well, the devil may work against us for all he's worth, but God sends us men when we want them."
Once there Mr Sallis can cry for all he's worth for the loss of their great leader.
There's a lion playing at Anfield You can hear him roar His name is Jamie Carragher When he's laying down the law He roams the 18 yard box Like a lion on the prowl If you don't do what he tells you, You will see him scowl A man for all positions He plays the game with pride He knows as a defender There is no place to hide A proud man in a red shirt He'll fight for all he's worth Liverpool's his birthplace Not far from the Anfield turf No braver man you will find With passion from the start One of the finest defenders He is a real Braveheart.