for all (one) cares

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for all (one) cares

One does not care (if something were to happen). The phrase always precedes or follows some hypothetical situation. You can starve to death for all I care. I am not giving you any more of my leftovers.
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for all I care

I don't care if (something happens). For all I care, the whole city council can go to the devil. They can all starve for all I care.
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for all I, you, etc. ˈcare

(spoken) used to say that a person is not worried about or interested in what happens to somebody/something: I could be dead for all he cares!
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currently, 3,500 Ontario residents are choosing the United States for drug/alcohol treatment alone, and costs of the exodus from Ontario for all care increased 45 percent from 1990 to 1991 (Borsello, M.