for all

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for all

1. To the degree or extent that; insofar as. We might as well have been educated by dogs for all the good their teaching did! For all I know, she could be living in Timbuktu by now!
2. In spite of; notwithstanding. For all our efforts to stop the bill, it still cleared both the House and the Senate with ease.
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for all I care

I don't care if (something happens). For all I care, the whole city council can go to the devil. They can all starve for all I care.
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for all

1. Also, for all that. In spite of, notwithstanding. For example, For all her protests she still loved the attention, or He's too old for the part but he did a good job for all that. [Early 1300s]
2. for all one cares or knows . So far as one knows; also, one doesn't really care or know. These phrases are employed like a negative. For example, He can buy ten houses for all I care, meaning one doesn't care at all, or For all I know she's gone to China, meaning one doesn't really know where she is. [Mid-1700s]
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for all —

in spite of —.
1989 Independent For all their cruel, corrupt and reckless vices, the Maharajahs were worshipped as gods by tens of thousands of their subjects.
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for ˈall...

1 in spite of...: For all his qualifications, he isn’t really very good at the job.For all her claims to be efficient, she is a very slow worker.
2 used for saying that the thing you mention does not matter or make any difference: He can do what he wants, for all I care (= I don’t care what he does).‘Where’s Peter?’ ‘For all I know, he may be dead.’