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The act of touching or rubbing someone else's foot or ankle with one's own under a table, typically to show sexual interest in that person. Becky must like you if she was playing footsies with you all night at dinner.

play footsie(s) (with someone)

1. To rub someone's foot or feet with one's own, usually in secret beneath a table as a means of flirting or indicating romantic or sexual interest. My friend's sister started playing footsie with me during dinner. I had no idea she was into me! Are you two playing footsies?
2. By extension, to become secretly involved with someone; to offer clandestine cooperation with someone to gain their favor. It's been revealed that the senator has been playing footsie with major corporations to bypass federal regulations and bureaucratic red tape.
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play footsie with someone

1. to get romantically or sexually involved with someone. (Refers literally to secretly pushing or rubbing feet with someone under the table.) Someone said that Ruth is playing footsie with Henry. Henry and Ruth are playing footsie with each other.
2. to get involved in a scheme with someone; to cooperate with someone. The guy who runs the butcher shop was playing footsie with the city meat inspector. Henry was playing footsie with the mayor in order to get the contract.
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play footsie

1. Behave coyly, flirt with, especially secretly. For example, Get to the point, there's no need to play footsie with us. This expression alludes to two persons surreptitiously rubbing each other's feet together. [1940s]
2. Cooperate or curry favor with in a sly or secret way, as in The mayor's been playing footsie with various neighborhood councils. [Mid-1900s]
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play footsie

1. If someone plays footsie, they touch or rub someone else's foot under a table as a sign of sexual interest. These couples drink lots of Chianti, share a dessert, play footsie and tip quite well.
2. If someone plays footsie with a person or organization, they show that they like them or are interested in them in an indirect and often insincere way. The singer has been playing footsie with all the major record labels. He was still playing footsie with the Prime Minister in order to get back in the Cabinet.
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play footsie with someone

1 touch someone's feet lightly with your own feet, usually under a table, as a playful expression of romantic interest. 2 work with someone in a cosy and covert way.
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play ˈfootsie (with somebody)

touch somebody’s feet lightly with your own feet, especially under a table, as an expression of affection or sexual interest
See also: footsie, play

play footsie

1. To flirt with someone by secretly touching the feet with one's own.
2. To cooperate or curry favor in a sly or devious way.
See also: footsie, play
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