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*foothold (somewhere)

Fig. an initial position of support; a starting point. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; help someone get ~.) It's difficult to get a foothold in the education market when schools are laying off teachers. Max's father helped him get a foothold in the textile industry.

help someone get a foothold

(somewhere) Go to a foothold (somewhere).
See also: foothold, get, help
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In addition to making the cut with OUTSIDE, Foothold Technology was also named as one of Crain's 2015 Best Places to Work in New York City.
Turkish banks are looking for a foothold in China, according to a minister.
Ericsson to date does not have a similar China foothold, and while Ericsson cemented its strong second-place status in the duopolistic MCP market (with Jasper in the lead) with its GMA and Bridge Alliance wins, it will now be pressed to develop an effective response to Jasper's win with China Unicom.
We already have a strong foothold in the Indian market for our gold jewellery outlets.
Wim De Bruyne, VP Sales Healthcare for Barco said, MCD has an excellent reputation for providing reliable, high-quality systems within healthcare and in particular the operating room and has, consequently, built a strong foothold in hospitals in the German-speaking part of Europe and beyond.
A SEPA spokesman said: "An increase in the involve "An increase in the involvement of organised crime ment of organised crime gangs, who use their influence gangs, who use their influence to gain a foothold in a legiti to gain a foothold in a legitimate market, has meant new mate market, has meant new approaches are needed.
Life sciences consulting firm Alacrita announced today that it has launched " Foothold America", a new business which enables non-US life science companies to easily hire their first employees in the United States.
Foothold "They are using Yemen as a platform to launch their operations", he said.
Excluding Hong Kong and China, Vietnam is Cathay United's most profitable overseas foothold.
Islamists have already claimed a foothold in Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia, where the Muslim Brotherhood has swept to power on the back of the so-called Arab Spring.
This facility will complement a plant in Indonesia as a major foothold in Southeast Asia," Suzuki said at the opening ceremony of the Thai plant, which already started production of the Swift compact hatchback "eco-car" in March as the company's first car production foothold in Thailand.
Washington, Jan 28 ( ANI ): Scientists have been able to discover the mechanism that cholera bacterium uses to gain a foothold in the intestine and attacks the body.
The foothold on the side doors of the armored security vehicle (ASV) is a handy place to step when you exit the vehicle.
DESPERATE house hunters can now get a foothold on the property ladder thanks to a new scheme said to be the first of its kind in the Tees Valley.
NFU Mutual Charitable Trust chairman Sir Don Curry, of Northumberland, said: "After the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak, it became apparent that one of the major problems affecting agriculture was the difficulty for young people to get a foothold in the industry.