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*foothold (somewhere)

Fig. an initial position of support; a starting point. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; help someone get ~.) It's difficult to get a foothold in the education market when schools are laying off teachers. Max's father helped him get a foothold in the textile industry.

help someone get a foothold

(somewhere) Go to a foothold (somewhere).
See also: foothold, get, help
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The narrator, however, shifts the gaze from the media spectacle to the largely invisible protests of populations clamoring for footholds in public discourse like the victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster and the Association of the Mothers of the Disappeared from Kashmir.
So far eight Taiwanese banks have established footholds in Vietnam, including Cathay United, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Mega International Commercial Bank, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Bank, First Commercial Bank, Bank SinoPac, and Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (SCSB).
Japanese carmakers have established footholds in Thailand as important export bases.
Colonisation of the intestine is difficult for incoming bacteria as they have to be highly competitive to gain a foothold among the trillions of other bacteria already in situ.
When you're ready to exit the ASV, place your foot on top of the foothold.
The new scheme will help people get a foothold on that ladder and make buying a home more affordable.
Fresh Start now provides three main channels - career advice to young people, mentoring to help young people gain a solid foothold in agriculture, and advice on retirement to the older generation.
Shoei Electronics possesses development and production technology for PAS capacitors, a type of electrochemical capacitor, and Taiyo Yuden expects that this will become a foothold for new development in the energy devices industry.
In relocating to a superior space at 907 Madison Avenue, Spring Flowers is able to keep its current clientele and its excellent foothold on Madison Avenue" said Finkel.
In other words, polygamy has gained its first legal foothold in the West.
Managing Director Paolo Scaroni acknowledged that Enel was discussing a possible capital investment in the third-generation European pressurised water reactor (EPR) but stressed that it was above all a way for Enel to gain a substantial foothold on the French market.
When an Indian mining supplier wanted to establish a foothold in the Canadian mining sector, Sudbury was the place to start.
Moira had started better and all the decent football played in the first half came from the home side - but City worked hard to close down the Albion players and eventually gained a foothold on the game.
Because cancer is the cause of death for more people between the ages of 45 and 64 than anything else, there's an unprecedented effort to detect and stop it before it gets a foothold.
From 1603 until his death in 1635, Samuel de Champlain devoted all of his energies to giving France a foothold in the New World.