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Football's a game of two halves.

sports cliché In football (soccer), the fortunes of each team can reverse dramatically between the two 45-minute halves of play. Used especially in sports reporting and analysis. Barcelona has overcome a four-goal deficit to defeat Real Madrid. Football really is a game of two halves.
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political football

A problem or situation that causes an argument between different political parties, often in an attempt to gain an advantage. It didn't take too long before the issue of property taxes turned into a political football for the candidates.
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political football

Fig. an issue that becomes politically divisive; a problem that doesn't get solved because the politics of the issue get in the way. The question of campaign contributions has become a political football. All the politicians who accept questionable money are pointing fingers at each other.
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a poˌlitical ˈfootball

an issue or a problem that causes argument and disagreement and that different political groups use to gain votes: It is sad that education is still being used as a political football, instead of action being taken to improve it.
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At Southern, Mumford made his name as a football coach.
After insisting that a college football scholarship must also include a chance to play college baseball, Arizona-bound quarterback Tyler Lyon of Hart High might concentrate solely on football.
Foss, who shot down 23 planes in the desperate air defense of Guadalcanal and later became a Commissioner of the American Football League, also received the Medal of honor for their World War II service.
Both years coincided with a challenge from a rival league - the AAFC and the American Football League (AFL).
It isn't completely clear why this effect would be important for a football but not for a missile or bullet.
Tom Moore, inventor of the D-Cleater and assistant football coach at Northridge H.
4 reason to watch college football this season is the UCLA linebackers corps, the best in the Pac-10, according to The Sporting News, led by seniors Spencer Havner and Justin London.
In college, I played football for my dad at Baldwin-Wallace and enjoyed it.
I definitely want another ring,'' two-way football starter Sam Chamberlain said after making his wrestling season debut Saturday in the 215-pound weight class with four pins and a third-place finish at the Ontario tournament.
30am Tennis ATP Kazan Challenger 9am Hockey European Championship: England v Poland 9am Football Russia: SKA-Energiya v Spartak Nalchik 9.
As NBA physiques increasingly resemble football players' - think Ben Wallace and Shaquille O'Neal - and NFL pass catchers increasingly make Jordan-esque moves in the air, it shouldn't be surprising to find a number of football players with basketball skills thriving in the NFL.
IN PAYING TRIBUTE TO Chuck Klausing's eulogy to football feeder systems last month, we forgot the original concept of feeder systems and the giant who probably invented it, Paul Brown.