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Football's a game of two halves.

sports cliché In football (soccer), the fortunes of each team can reverse dramatically between the two 45-minute halves of play. Used especially in sports reporting and analysis. Barcelona has overcome a four-goal deficit to defeat Real Madrid. Football really is a game of two halves.
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political football

A problem or situation that causes an argument between different political parties, often in an attempt to gain an advantage. It didn't take too long before the issue of property taxes turned into a political football for the candidates.
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political football

Fig. an issue that becomes politically divisive; a problem that doesn't get solved because the politics of the issue get in the way. The question of campaign contributions has become a political football. All the politicians who accept questionable money are pointing fingers at each other.
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a poˌlitical ˈfootball

an issue or a problem that causes argument and disagreement and that different political groups use to gain votes: It is sad that education is still being used as a political football, instead of action being taken to improve it.
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'In Nigeria, the addiction is so strong that football is, as it stands today, the only unifying factor that dismantles the barriers of ethnicity, religion, class or political divide.
He called on all federations, which were facing the same predicament of low attendance to exercise a bit of patience as football lovers would eventually understand the importance of women football.
Not only players but coaches, referees as well as those involved in the management of football. We also intend to start an institution where we will provide training to youth interested to pursue career in football administration in all areas.
World Soccer Stars is all set to evoke emotions of Pakistani football fans and create football fever in the coming months.
'Both football groups have been united for one single cause which was to save the game.
Export of footballs from Pakistan during July-May (2017-18) has increased by 10.64 percent as compared to same month of the previous year.
Gottschalk: "The inauguration of the professional football league in 2017 and the recent international success of both the men's and women's national football teams should be a springboard for the sport to finally take off in a basketball-dominated country.
The summit will bring together all the stakeholders of the country's football community, from rights holders to football clubs, agencies, pertinent brands, media, retailers and fans.
It was through those structures that football in the country started gaining momentum.
'The struggling period of Pakistan Football is over now,' Hayyat said in a statement.
The tests were conducted under the leadership of the head coach of the AZFAR football school Vladislav Kadirov, the 1987 World Champion.
8 football clubs from around the city participated in this tournament, which was the first corporate backed girl's football league.
The delegation visited the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) head office in Lahore and briefed about the necessary procedure for financial assistance of FIFA Forward Program.
But he had no training that year and it took time for him to get football shape.
(MJC) has completed a new Fdration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)-rated football turf at the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park in Carmona, Cavite as part of an initiative to groom this complex into the 'football Mecca of the Philippines.'