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The selected major retail corridors also had increases in the average asking rent for ground floor space: 15 percent to $100 per square foot on 125th Street, 26 percent to $288 per square foot on Broadway in SoHo and 28 percent to $160 per square foot on Broadway in Lower Manhattan.
Grasp the left foot with the right hand from behind the ankle.
Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa A Walk in The Clouds AHA Foot Cream, $14 Gets rid of rough, icky dry skin.
If you need help taking care of your feet, make an appointment to see a foot doctor, also called a podiatrist.
Cleanliness is also an important part of foot care.
She says that to try to follow the guidelines for community-dwelling diabetics--such as daily foot inspection-simply isn't practical or necessary in the nursing home setting.
However, the publication contains no statistics on the number of officers killed or injured in foot pursuits.
A key point about the catch position: The ball should be at its highest point when you position the right foot.
Gentle massage and warm foot baths can also help increase circulation to the feet.
In Dallas, Texas, a 51,000 square foot industrial project located in Duke's Freeport North industrial park that is 78 percent pre-leased to Computer Sciences Corporation, a global IT services company, and will be constructed in Duke's Texas Dugan joint venture;
He quickly went to the Providence Diabetic Foot Center in Burbank, where a doctor gave him strong antibiotics, removed the dead skin tissue from his foot, and made a mark on Hill's ankle.
The first foot lands toes first where the pointe is; the second leg is brought rapidly to the floor.
In setting up for the pitch, the infielders should keep their glove about waist high out front over their glove foot, with the pocket completely open.
THE LAKERS' three championship runs may be traced in the anatomy of a foot.
B redefined the technique for picking the foot off the floor in ways intended to give the movement subtlety and nuance and to help each dancer give her toot the most beautiful possible shape.