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The craze began last April at the Europa Cafe Bar, in Castle Street, when a group friends were DJing and started fooling around with album covers, taking photos of themselves with the sleeves strategically held in front of their faces.
Sure, it's difficult for truckers and some of the big RVs to negotiate, and we've got nothing against either, but they've got other roads that could get them to where they want to go without fooling around with a state treasure.
Bill Clinton was impeached for fooling around with someone other than his spouse and lying about it, sins that put him in the company of most American males and a significant portion of American women.
Although Hughes was once advised by Arna Bontemps to "stop fooling around with theatre," he never could take the advice of his good friend.
The kids might look a little askance, the upfront investment might be a little more, but Campbell's glad to be done fooling around with the routine of wrangling a new real tree into the living room every year.
Last year 30 people died on North East tracks, most trespassers taking shortcuts or fooling around with mates.
Vera can find herself, "attracted to someone, I'd be fooling around with it or playing with it in my head.
TEN YEARS AGO, Tod Maffin was unemployed, living near Vancouver and fooling around with something called the Internet.
Rush said: "I saw him at a movie premiere and at the time he was fooling around with Madonna and Julia so I asked him which one he liked better.
Nia Dawson,defending said Watson had too much to drink and broke the glass while fooling around with a friend.
Police yesterday warned of the dangers of fooling around with imitation firearms after a couple preparing for a fancy dress party caused a major alert.
Fooling around with spiritual imagery is tricky business.
FUNNYMAN Sir Norman Wisdom paid tribute to British eccentricity, by fooling around with a group of oddballs at the British Eccentric 2001 award.
Women have probably been fooling around with each other since they lived in caves, since they told their tribespeople, "Hey, Doris and I have to go finish that painting in the cave.
What you found was if somebody starts fooling around with their numbers, it will all come back to haunt you.