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With Witlingo's Analytics, Diagnostics, and Discovery SaaS Portal, we will be able to continually learn about how customers are using the Motley Fool skill," Ahmed Bouzid, Co-Founder and CEO of Witlingo said.
Salman Khan has sent an sms to bollywood friends "I am not going to open my shirt in my up-coming films " Rakhi Sawant Replied " Ohh no I don't agree to this , this is disgusting" then Shahrukh replied " Hey Rakhi Dont get emotional it is April fool prank by Salman.
Unluckily the tradition of making people fool on first day of April every year had also spreading in Pakistan in the past but with exposure of media, the people are becoming more and more aware and the graph of this ugly trend is going down in the country.
H L MENCKEN said: "A man maybe a fool and not know it, but not if he's married.
The first chapter challenges the critical assumption that the use of blackface to represent fools is religious in origin, signaling the connection between folly and the devil.
himself, this patched fool produces a most rare vision, quick as any
The holy fool, however, is far afield of any of these categories, for he is both embedded in society and his relations with others and beyond them.
You couldn't fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life even if you had an electrified fooling machine.
From the moment the audience filed in to Yvonne Meier's Mad Heidi/Limpopo and saw Ishmael Houston-Jones taped to the floor, jerking his head up, screwing up his nose, and glaring at visitors, we knew this was a manic fool in the best tradition.
I used to love trying to think of ideas in which to fool my parents and friends.
Mark the APRIL FOOL box if you think we just made it up.
IN OUR RELATION to the past there are three wide-open ways in which one may be a fool.
In January, Financial Freedom announced a relationship with The Motley Fool that will offer access to reverse-mortgage products through its educational Web site, www.
The Motley Fool financial media company and publisher Phillips Investment Resources, a Phillips International Inc.