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be fond of (someone or something)

To have an affinity for someone or something. I'm not too fond of Mike—he really annoys me sometimes. I'm cold all the time, so I'm quite fond of summer weather.
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become fond of (someone or something)

To begin to have an affinity for someone or something. Mike used to really annoy me, but I've become fond of him over the years. Don't worry, your kids will become fond of sleep as they get older, and then you won't be able to get them out of bed before 1 PM. Summer used to be my favorite season, but I've become fond of fall, what with its gorgeous foliage.
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fond of (someone or something)

Having an affinity for someone or something. I'm not too fond of Mike—he really annoys me sometimes. I'm cold all the time, so I'm quite fond of summer weather.
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fond of a drop

slang Apt to drink alcohol, especially to an excessive or habitual degree. Sure, I used to be fond of a drop, but then I went to rehab.
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*fond of someone or something

liking someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I'm fond of chocolate. Mary isn't fond of me, but I'm fond of her.
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Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala fondly remembered Jaitley's commitment to work and recalled, "Even on his daughter's wedding day, while he kept meeting guests he was also clearing files side by side.
She will be remembered fondly for everything that she's done for India.
I'm almost inclined to reminisce fondly of when it snowed in May and we climbed Simon's Seat in the Dales in a hailstorm in an August not so long ago.
And Ross said: "Lee Cattermole deserves to be remembered fondly because it's not that often players spend that length of time at a club.
I love all the conversations I was blessed to share with you, and I will remember you fondly forever,' she wrote.
Those of us who fondly watch Indian films or TV serials - have we ever realized that whenever a negative role is to be played, the characters have Muslim names like Kabir Bhai, Kader Bhai, Baber Bhai and Khan Bhai and are shown as leaders controlling a criminal gang?
"The game will feature many players that Bal has coached in the past, as well as those who will remember him fondly for a variety of reasons.
He was a senior employee of the Kanoo Group and is remembered fondly.
Insurance Journal fondly remember his contributions he made as a member of the First Insurance Journal Performance Awards 2015 committee.
Another read: "I hope you don't see me as a stalker or a nuisance or anything like that - I'm a genuine guy and do really look back fondly on our time.
Pope Francis still remembers the "Lolo Kiko" nickname Filipinos fondly gave him during his apostolic visit on January 15-19, 2015
This film charts the history of the all-nighters that began at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester ("there was nicotine and sweat dripping off the ceiling like stalactites" remembers one punter fondly) and hears from Russ Winstanley of the legendary Wigan Casino and DJ Ian Levine of the Blackpool Mecca who returned from one family holiday in Florida with the greatest haul of rare records ever - 4000 second-hand singles unearthed from charity shops.
Gamers still talk fondly of that little black keyboard with the rubber keys and the screeching noises of games loading up.
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