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be fond of (someone or something)

To have an affinity for someone or something. I'm not too fond of Mike—he really annoys me sometimes. I'm cold all the time, so I'm quite fond of summer weather.
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become fond of (someone or something)

To begin to have an affinity for someone or something. Mike used to really annoy me, but I've become fond of him over the years. Don't worry, your kids will become fond of sleep as they get older, and then you won't be able to get them out of bed before 1 PM. Summer used to be my favorite season, but I've become fond of fall, what with its gorgeous foliage.
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fond of (someone or something)

Having an affinity for someone or something. I'm not too fond of Mike—he really annoys me sometimes. I'm cold all the time, so I'm quite fond of summer weather.
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fond of a drop

slang Apt to drink alcohol, especially to an excessive or habitual degree. Sure, I used to be fond of a drop, but then I went to rehab.
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*fond of someone or something

liking someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I'm fond of chocolate. Mary isn't fond of me, but I'm fond of her.
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When asked to consider where they had their best time as kids, the majority of Brits said they had their fondest memories from playing outdoors with their friends.
Favourite player was Carl Dale and fondest memory is "running onto the pitch celebrate promotion in blue in 2018."
fondest of John "They were simply pleased to just be there, and partied throughout.
What is your fondest memory of working in the Middle East industry?
Some of her fondest memories were walking the beaches in Muscat, finding shells; Christmas markets in Germany; and shopping for unique furniture, carpets and collectibles from around the world.
Mind you, I doubt whether many of the B's have sufficient competence to do it on their own, nor do I think their fondest dreams will all be satisfied.
My fondest memories are quiet little scenes with Phyllis.
Store Brands: What is your fondest memory in your career so far?
His fondest memories were helping the Rams to the 2013 Division 4 Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium, and earning Offensive Player of the Game honors in a Thanksgiving win over Tantasqua after capping his career with a 204-yard, three-touchdown game.
Longtime tenants recall their fondest memories in the tabletop building:
Dennis' fondest memory is not of a world title or a Grand Prix victory but a far more human moment.
BURDEN Gillian Alice (nee Graves) On 24th June 2013, peacefully, surrounded by her children, widow of the dearly loved and missed David, daughter of the late Albert Graves and Mrs Phyl Graves, beloved mother and mother-in-law to Sallie and Andrew and Angus and Emma, adored "Jolie" to Alice, Georgina and Isabella, much loved sister to Sheila and David and niece of Lorna, held in the fondest affection by her extensive family and many friends and much respected co-owner of Broom Swim School.
My fondest memory from an NAI regional workshop was in 2005, when I won the "Buffalo Chip Flip" contest at the Region 5 Workshop in Dickinson, North Dakota.
Rev Butland said: "Many adults' fondest memories of Christmas come from taking part in the Nativity as a child.
Fondest on-set memory: "Between takes, someone would give us scarfs because it was totally freezing.