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*fond of someone or something

liking someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I'm fond of chocolate. Mary isn't fond of me, but I'm fond of her.
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And on some mornings, when he read in the Apocrypha, of which he was very fond, the son of Sirach's keen-edged words would bring a delighted smile, though he also enjoyed the freedom of occasionally differing from an Apocryphal writer.
Well, then, if thee think'st her so pretty, why arn't fond on her?
If thee wast fond enough on her, thee wouldstna let her go away.
I shouldna ha' been for marr'ing thy feyther if he'd ne'er axed me; an' she's as fond o' thee as e'er I war o' Thias, poor fellow.
It's a pity she shouldna be a mother herself," said Adam, "so fond as the children are of her.
But dost think she might ever get fond enough of anybody else to be willing to marry 'em?
Well, you are not fond of show, a great establishment, balls, dinners, that kind of thing.
I know you understand Fedya, my dear count; that, believe me, is why I am so fond of you.
For the Emperor was fond of Dorothy's little dog, and the girl explained to her friends that in Oz all animals were treated with as much consideration as the people--"if they behave themselves," she added.
He added, in a whisper to me, as I was following the Sergeant out, "I know what that man is going to say about Rachel; and I am too fond of her to hear it, and keep my temper.
He had gone three miles round one day in order to bring her some walnuts, because she had said how fond she was of them, and in every thing else he was so very obliging.
8220;We've started offering classes in our Neenah location and would love to help our Fond du Lac customers learn how to better use their mobile devices.
According to the study, Mercury is still one of the top employers in the state of Wisconsin, now employing 3,200 people at its global headquarters in Fond du Lac.
NLB Nov penziski fond says this is a legitimate decision by the head office that isn't going to affect the fund's operations.
NLB Nov penziski fond runs two pension funds in Macedonia--the pension fund of the mandatory second pillar and the pension fund of the voluntary third pillar.