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As she roars her song, in a voice of which it is enough to say that it leaves no portion of the room vacant, the three musicians follow her, laboriously and note by note, but averaging one note behind; thus they toil through stanza after stanza of a lovesick swain's lamentation: --
His body shakes and throbs like a runaway steam engine, and the ear cannot follow the flying showers of notes--there is a pale blue mist where you look to see his bowing arm.
one figure whose movements you follow with at least curiosity?
Strong wind, earthquake-shock, and fire may pass by: but I shall follow the guiding of that still small voice which interprets the dictates of conscience.
On our ar- rival at the head of the bay, a distance of seventy or eighty miles from where we lived, it was our purpose to turn our canoe adrift, and follow the guidance of the north star till we got beyond the limits of Maryland.
This simply follows from the fact that they often have machine marks as a result of being made too fast on an automatic lathe machine with too dull a cutting tool.
Note that in a selection from an edited book, the editor's name follows the title of the book and the page numbers of the article follow the editor's name.
Fitch affirms Transamerica Corp's ratings as follows with a Stable Outlook:
The staff also is recommending reducing the Interstate 5 options from two to one, keeping the alignment that most closely follows the freeway.
Part 203 is amended as follows, and the amendments apply to data collected for calendar year 1998, to be reported by March 1, 1999.
On the trail: This trip follows a loop, a ragged circle much of which follows a dry wash.