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Session 5b on additives and finishing for silicone elastomers will include the following presentations: "New opportunities for using silicone rubber," Maike Benter, Nanon A/S, Denmark; "Colors in silicone: The visible additive," Thomas Klehr, Holland Colours, The Netherlands; "Bonding silicone rubber," Aissa Benarous, Chemical Innovations Ltd.
According to Varghese et al, at which of the following sites can mucoceles be diagnosed by clinical examination and plain x-ray only?
Its emphasis upon resilience, and how this can be related directly to self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-in-situation through behavioural psychology, offers tempting possibilities for the teacher working in partnership with surviving parents of bereavement, custodial parents following divorce and other professionals.
Suspended following suspension of her CPA license by the state board of accountancy:
Computations for Question 3 about overall satisfaction and follow-through show that 78% of the participants were satisfied (46%) or very satisfied (32%), and 85% were following through.
It is my contention that the obligation of following one's conscience consists in the obligation to take responsibility for one's actions whether those actions are mistaken or not.
Greater success of cardiac rehabilitation depends upon an increased awareness of psychological aspects following coronary bypass surgery (Langosch, 1994).
The following decade became a study in contrasts for the two metals.
During the past two months, TEl has submitted comments on the following items, as they relate to international operations of TEI's members:
Session 3 on Anti-Bacterial Polymers for Medical Devices will include the following presentations: "Antimicrobial polymers using metallic silver technology for the medical device industry," Michael Wagener, Bio-Gate Bioinnovative Materials GmbH, Germany; "Future technologies for biomedical applications," Joost Maas, TNO Science and Industry, The Netherlands; and "Bacterial adhesion to plasma modified polyethylene terephthalate," Yannis Missirlis, Maria Katsikogianni, Eleutherios Amanatides and Dimitrios Mataras, University of Patras, Greece.
1,2) Theoretically, the reconstruction of defects with a flap following oral cavity resection can delay the detection of a recurrence because the deep resection margins are covered.
As a result of investigations of alleged violations of the Codes of Professional Conduct of the AICPA and/or state CPA societies, the following ethics cases have been resolved by settlement agreement under the Joint Ethics Enforcement Program:
Following a change of reporting criteria on November 8, the average of possible inhalational anthrax reports decreased 83% from 18 to 3 per day; the proportion of reports requiring follow-up increased from 37% (105/286) to 41% (47/ 116).