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Success for any organization is a team sport requiring significant parts of both leadership and followership. We ignore the followership side of the equation to our peril.
Hypothesis 1: Positive leaders' implicit followership theory will positively influence employees' career success.
A conscious attitude toward followership can support the development of critical leadership attributes.
There are many opportunities for accounting students to learn and practice effective followership. The structured nature of the core accounting curriculum requires a great amount of student focus on task completion and independent thinking.
It began with the question: "What is followership?" Gibbons and Bryant (2012) define followership as a social relationship between the leader, followers and the group.
In this paper, I define the term "international leadership" as a process in which a state mobilizes its resources to influence a group of other states (followership) to achieve a common goal.
The President concluded by saying that his mandate will not be marked by followership to any country, "Long live Lebanon!" Y.B./R.Z.
By simple math, most leadership lessons are learned in the heavy followership moment because the majority of our time is spent following.
(2012) model of effective followership. A follower, or trustor, consciously builds trust with the leader, or trustee, by being reliable (Rosenbach et al., 2012) and by acting in accordance with the leader's expectation (Kierein and Gold, 2000).
This study revisits the concept of political opinion leadership and followership in the context of the current social and media environments.
Our decisions as leaders greatly affect our followership's environment.
Dhoni, who represents the aspirations of millions, has a strong mass appeal and followership compared to any other sporting icon in India.
In another case, the assessments not only supported what the board suspected to be true about the candidates potential, but also highlighted important new information--that she had extremely high followership.
As part of Vodafone's #GivingChallenge, three Qatari social media influencers will use their social media followership to raise funds for their chosen charity during the holy month of Ramadan.