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Poor knowledge and understanding of potential risks, poor team communication, and the pressure to avoid delays may discourage competent followership.
A key element in Kelley's concept of followership, which he outlines in more detail in his 1992 book, The Power of Followership, is the idea that followership is not merely a transitional state or a training ground for leadership.
Students regularly receive feedback on their followership performance from professors, and faculty can provide insight regarding followership roles students will fill after graduation.
Gibbons and Bryant (2012) define followership as a social relationship between the leader, followers and the group.
Leadership can only exist once there is followership.
Figure II presents the standardized estimates of the hypothesized model that depicts the relationships between the followership and leadership dimensions.
Contrary to MBA thinking, leadership-learning experiences often occur in the context of daily heavy followership when working in a group.
The concepts of opinion leadership and followership were introduced in Katz and Lazarsfeld's (1955) research on mass media effects of political campaigns.
The first is followership approach, which stems from a critical stream of theorizing (Kelley, 2008; Alvesson, and Spicer, 2012) and is focused on researching followers' roles in followership.
Path-goal theory tells us that leader behavior is dictated by both the composition of their followership and the characteristics of the task at hand, spanning from a directive style to an achievement-oriented style.
Dhoni, who represents the aspirations of millions, has a strong mass appeal and followership compared to any other sporting icon in India.
As part of Vodafone's #GivingChallenge, three Qatari social media influencers will use their social media followership to raise funds for their chosen charity during the holy month of Ramadan.
According to Followership Theory, there are 5 follower roles that are determined by levels of activity and critical thinking.
The result is a generation that lacks professionalism, critical thinking and followership.
WITH ambitious growth plans on the horizon, buoyed by key partnerships and an everincreasing followership, there's plenty to celebrate at Redu Group.