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Oolanga, the experienced tracker, followed her, but succeeded in hiding his movements better than she did.
When we then described to him the whole route he had followed, he sat up in bed trembling.
And so he followed the old trail of the Belgian through the forest and toward the north; but because of the age of the trail he was constrained to a far from rapid progress.
I had followed it for several hundred yards when I felt a knot beneath my fingers.
Not to show ill-feeling on the head of it, I nevertheless followed him down again in four or five minutes.
Pierre did not understand a word, but the conviction that all this had to be grew stronger, and he meekly followed Anna Mikhaylovna who was already opening a door.
So he went to the tunnel and said to his army: 'March home!' At once the Nomes turned and marched back through the tunnel, and the King followed after them, laughing with delight to find his orders so readily obeyed.
Slowly a chief arose and two others followed his example, though with ill-concealed reluctance.
They had followed immediately behind him, thinking it barely possible that his actions might prove a clew to my whereabouts and had witnessed my short but decisive battle with him.
To pass from the Characters to the Story, it will be seen that the narrative related in these pages has been constructed on a plan which differs from the plan followed in my last novel, and in some other of my works published at an earlier date.
And again, he need not make himself uneasy at incurring a reproach for those vices without which the state can only be saved with difficulty, for if everything is considered carefully, it will be found that something which looks like virtue, if followed, would be his ruin; whilst something else, which looks like vice, yet followed brings him security and prosperity.
The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, The furrow followed free: We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea.
If Alban Morris had been indeed the person trusted as messenger by Sir Jervis, the conclusion that followed filled Emily with overpowering emotions of curiosity and surprise.
A foolish wrangle followed; and Herncastle's unlucky temper got the better of him.
His companion followed him, and the poor goat ran after them all, bleating plaintively.