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'The way I know him, he would not blindly follow orders,' Sotto said.
Talking to media men here the other day, the Labour Officer Chakwal District said that challans tickets would also be issued to owners of private schools failing to follow orders of the prime minister regarding paying salary of Rs.
After a treacherous new assignment in which Ryan fails to follow orders, Laing lands in the office of Jason Sachs, the Inspector General of Echelon, who recruits Laing for a secret mission.
A Home Office spokeswoman said help to follow orders was available to offenders.
This seems to contradict thestatements that British soldiers are the best trained in the world and follow orders to the letter.
"I didn't do anything but follow orders given to me."
It was very frustrating, but we were all patriotic young guys and understood the importance of discipline and the necessity in combat simply to follow orders. So that's what we did.
It is a problem of the corruption of human intelligence, enabling our leaders to create plausible reasons for monstrous acts, and to exhort citizens to accept those reasons, and train soldiers to follow orders. So long as that continues, we will need to refute those reasons, resist those exhortations.
"They learn that if they follow orders, their life will be calmer," says one sergeant, offering a rationale the recruits are never privy to.
Worse than that, they tend to follow orders so rigidly - blindly acquiescing to obvious programming mistakes - that they sometimes resemble the brooms used by the sorcerer's apprentice in the Walt Disney film Fantasia, endlessly repeating a process no matter how ridiculous or destructive the outcome.
In his attempts to reform the town and bring democracy to the people by treating them with respect and decency, Joppolo comes into conflict with his commanding officer, a hard-nosed general who eventually has Joppolo transferred because of his refusal to follow orders. Joppolo's concern for the town is epitomized by his efforts to replace a bell that the fascists had melted down to use for ammunition.
So, I asked a Marine sergeant a few days ago if he and his fellow enlisted men would follow orders from officers who would take part in a plot to overthrow the present government, and his answer was, 'We have learned from the past.'
Almost 200 men, many of them Scots, were court martialled, jailed and stripped of their medals for refusing to follow orders when they landed at Salerno, Italy, in 1943.
I don't believe the personnel that refused to follow orders should be catered to.
Ignacio said he was surprised by the relief but added he would follow orders.