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The findings follow a 2010 pilot study with 139 women that supported the feasibility of phone follow-up, in which 64% did not require in-person office follow-up (Contraception 2010;81:143-9), Ms.
We list who has the most "followers", (users signed up to read their updates), how many other people they each follow, and how many times they've updated their profiles.
2 : to come after in time or place <Spring follows winter.
THE FOLLOW THROUGH: With the salary increase, he was able to save more money.
First, it is not unusual to find that in the absence of a specific test result tracking and tickler system, a significant percentage of positive test results, often 30 percent, will not lead to an appropriate follow up.
Children from households where there has been the death of a parent can experience significant difficulties associated with loss in self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-confidence, not only in the months that follow, but also, throughout the ensuing years.
A social worker phoned each patient on days 2 and 6 post-discharge to follow up.
Other factors, such as a wide-band servo with the ability to follow a jittery track, only partially compensate for poor guiding.
Does the client follow formal procedures for placing money managers on a watch list when a manager's performance begins to deteriorate?
In determining which of the two rulings to follow, the Service stated that unless the policies underlying Sec.
Accepted manuscripts that do not follow these rules may be delayed in publication.
Knowing whether subgroups of clients are likely to use different numbers of sessions or require ancillary services (such as support groups and placement assistance) to follow through with their career counseling is essential.
Thomas' reply expresses the Catholic understanding of our obligation before God to follow our conscience, but it raises the question: if an individual does the right thing by following his or her conscience, how can the actions that flows from such a decision not be right?