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If I am to follow Jesus, then I must cut loose the anchor of fear that keeps me fixed to this spot and to this self.
This simply follows from the fact that they often have machine marks as a result of being made too fast on an automatic lathe machine with too dull a cutting tool.
Note that in a selection from an edited book, the editor's name follows the title of the book and the page numbers of the article follow the editor's name.
The categories developed from the telephone interviews to answer Research Question 5 about kinds of follow-through were (a) 35% (n = 64) reported further education, including new courses, degree or certificate programs, or employer training; (b) 14% (n = 25) entered a new occupation or job; (c) 13% (n = 23) finalized an occupational direction; (d) 13% (n = 24) had reappraised their current occupation/job more favorably; (e) 24% (n = 43) were getting more information to follow through; and (f) 15% (n = 27) reported no follow-through.
If most turtles do follow narrow migratory routes, knowledge of these paths will help nations limit the harmful run-ins between turtles and fishing fleets, contends Morreale.
However, this disadvantage can be turned into an advantage by having the athlete pre-fatigue a muscle with a single-joint movement and then immediately follow up with a multi-joint exercise to recruit surrounding muscles for assistance.
The 28,000-square-foot store towers over Goldberg and Lewin's 7,200-square-foot store - if not literally, then figuratively - and it already has taken a significant chunk out of Follow Your Heart's sales.
As a result, state and local government entities are required to follow a FASB standard even if the GASB is currently addressing the issue.
Directions: From Borrego Springs, follow Palm Canyon Drive west about 1-1/2 miles from Christmas Circle - the center of the town.
In the mid-1980s, only 22% of practicing ENT surgeons followed the policy recommended here; now 83% follow these guidelines.
Subject screening consisted of informed consent; psychiatric evaluation; medical history and evaluation; laboratory screening; methamphetamine and other drug use history; administration of the Stimulant Craving Scale (SCS), a 10-item questionnaire that measures the subjective perception of frequency and intensity of cravings for methamphetamine; and recording of methamphetamine use during the previous 90 days using timeline follow back.
CHICAGO -- Forty-four percent of industry executives believe the United States should follow the European approach for adopting follow-on biologics according to a survey of biotechnology executives conducted during BIO 2006.
In accordance with the APPROVe clinical study protocol, the Company announced that it planned to follow patients for one year after they came off treatment.
0, adding voice recognition features such as speech-enabled Auto Attendant and Directory Name Addressing, along with user-defined 'Find Me, Follow Me' capability.