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but seriously, folks

A statement meant to draw an audience's attention to a point one wishes to make (which may or may not be serious in nature), often used as a segue after a joke, aside, or something that is non-relevant. I just flew in from Miami, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, folks, how is everyone tonight? I like a good cheeseburger as much as the next guy, but seriously, folks, does anyone really need one that weighs three pounds?
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folk devil

Someone or something that is feared because it is seen as a danger to, or a bad influence on, society. Ever since news of the mayor's cheating scandal broke, he has become the town's folk devil. Now that they think we're a part of a radical group, they are trying to run us out of town like a couple of folk devils!
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there's nowt so queer as folk

There's nothing as strange as people. This phrase is typically used to emphasize someone's particularly odd behavior. ("Nowt" is a Northern English variation on "naught.") Primarily heard in UK. Whenever someone does something really bizarre, I remind myself that there's nowt so queer as folk.
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dab on them folks

An imperative to celebrate, boast, or show one's superiority by performing the dab, a gesture or dance move in which one nods the head while covering the face with one arm bent at the elbow and the other arm held parallel and outstretched. Dab on them folks out there today! Nobody's stopping you!
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different strokes (for different folks)

Different people will like or do different things. My mom loves cooking, but I hate being in the kitchen—different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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just folks

Kind and down-to-earth. They live in a huge mansion, so I really doubt they're just folks, even though they'd like us to believe that they are.
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1. slang People, when being considered or referenced in a vague or general way. A lot of folks in town frequent that diner, but I don't like the food there.
2. slang One's parents. I told my folks not to come to the matinee—I don't need them embarrassing me at every performance.
3. slang One's relatives. I need to get away from my folks, man. This family reunion can't end soon enough!
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home folks

1. slang People from one's home town. Oh yeah, Cynthia and Jim are my home folks—we all grew up together.
2. slang One's family members. I need to get away from my home folks, man. The holidays can't end soon enough!
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Different strokes for different folks.

Prov. Different people like different things.; Different people live in different ways. My neighbor spends all his free time working in his garden. I would never want to do that, but different strokes for different folks.
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(home) folks

Rur. one's family, especially one's parents. It sure is good to see the home folks again. Sally went to visit her folks.
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Idle people have the least leisure.

 and Idle folk have the least leisure.
Prov. If you are not energetic and hardworking, you will never have any free time, since you will have to spend all your time finishing your work. My grandmother always told me not to dawdle, since idle people have the least leisure.
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different strokes for different folks

See also: different, folk, stroke

just folks

Friendly, unpretentious. For example, Politicians meeting the public like to pretend they are just folks, but that's not always true . [First half of 1900s]
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no accounting for tastes, there's

Individual likes and dislikes defy explanation, as in They painted their house purple-there's really no accounting for tastes. This expression, first put as no disputing about tastes, dates from the mid-1600s; the present wording was first recorded in 1794. A mid-20th-century synonym that originated in the American South is different strokes for different folks. For a far older synonym, see one man's meat.
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different strokes for different folks

You say different strokes for different folks to mean that people are all different and have different needs and desires. The federal government has, by tradition, been respectful of local standards in local communities — different strokes for different folks, as they say.
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different strokes for different folks

different things please or are effective with different people. proverb
This chiefly US expression was used as a slogan in the early 1970s in a Texan drug abuse project.
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different strokes for different folks

phr. different things please different people. Do whatever you like. Different strokes for different folks.
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n. one’s parents. (Always with the possessive.) I’ll have to ask my folks if I can go.
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just folks

Down-to-earth, open-hearted.
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just folks

Ordinary people; unpretentious, down-to-earth individuals. This term has been around since about 1900. Zona Gale used it in Friendship Village (1908): “I see ’em all comin’ from the funeral . . . neighbors an’ friends an’ just folks.” See also man in the street.
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no accounting for tastes, there is no

Each to his or her own preference. This locution for the inexplicability of likes (and dislikes) began as “there is no disputing about tastes” in the sixteenth century. It was changed to “accounting for” by the early nineteenth century. Anthony Trollope, in the last of his Barset Chronicles (1867), said of Major Grantly as a suitor, “There was . . . no accounting for tastes.” A similar mid-twentieth-century phrase that is on its way to clichédom is different strokes for different folks, which originated in American regional slang. All these are synonymous with the much older proverb, One man’s meat is another’s poison, originating in Roman times and proverbial since about 1700. See also to each his own.
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That's what my father told me, and he was a reasonable man, though there's folks nowadays know what happened afore they were born better nor they know their own business.
Folks as believe in Cliff's Holiday aren't agoing to ventur near it for a matter o' ten pound.
There's folks, i' my opinion, they can't see ghos'es, not if they stood as plain as a pike-staff before 'em.
The opening ceremony of folk studio by Punjab Council of the Arts was aimed to promote and preserve folk heritage of Punjab from far-flung areas.
They said at the concluding session of two-day All Pakistan Sughar (folk poets) Conference in Laloo Ronk village, about 15 kilometres from here on Sunday evening that civil society, folk literature writers, intellectuals and learned persons would have to work together to emancipate people of Sindh from negative effects of deeply entrenched feudal system.
A folk singer from Sindh Bagchand said that an attack on Zarsanga is attack on the whole folk music of the country.
While scholarship on the expansive field of folk "revival" is in no short supply, Ronald D.
The line-up for the day long fest includes Megson, Hartlepool band The Jar Family and Amelia Coburn among others in the world of folk, acoustic, roots and lo-fi music.
She fled during World War Two in advance of the occupying Soviet troops and eventually settled in Portland, Oregon, where she founded the first Estonian folk dance troupe in 1950.
As folk songs are born from the frustrations, simplicity and vivacity of the common man, they have been and continue to be a strong inspiration for classical composers whether through direct use of folk melodies and rhythms or through creating music injected with the spirit of folk music.
Part reference work, part conceptual study, the authors have drawn together a wealth of primary and secondary literature to trace the development of pre-1960s folk music on both sides of the Atlantic.
The husband and wife folk duo Debs and Stu Hanna will perform at Stratford-upon-Avon's Folk Club on Wednesday, October 21, as part of their In A Box tour.
And of the 37 nominations for them, nine are either from this region or have studied at a groundbreaking folk music course here.
Given the strong theoretical edge of the book, Transforming Folk might not be the first choice for readers looking for an entertaining selection of anecdotes, as narrated in Rob Young's Electric Eden, or looking for an introduction to the history of the genre that emerged in the late 1960s/early 1970s.
The band, with its high energy brand of power-folk, will be performing at some of the UK's premier folk and world music festivals, including Shambala, the 50th Towersey Folk Festival, and Fairport's Cropredy Convention, where they will join legendary Birmingham bass player Dave Pegg and the other members of Fairport Convention on stage for the festival opening.