fold into

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fold (something) into (something)

1. To bend or crease something into a particular shape or object. He loves origami and can fold paper into all kinds of animals.
2. To mix an ingredient into something, as while baking. OK, the next step is to fold the flour into the mixture.
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fold something into something

1. and fold something in to blend something, such as eggs, into batter. (See also cut something into something.) Carefully, the chef folded the eggs into the other ingredients. The chef folded in the eggs.
2. to make an object by folding something, such as paper or cloth. He folded the paper into a little bird. Wally can fold a sheet of paper into an airplane that flies.
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Hydrogel structures don't rely on solder to fold into shape.
He concludes that there are many ways in which ubiquitin can fold into its natural form.
Berger's team took up the challenge of predicting which lengths of amino acids within P22 tailspike would fold into beta helices.
The way RNA strands fold into their three-dimensional structures might not be as straightforward as researchers think, according to a new study.
One class of chaperone molecules, called chaperonins, performs the important task of shepherding newly made proteins away from each other and helping them fold into the correct shape.
Starting out as long sequences of amino acids, proteins fold into unique shapes that enable them to perform their very specific tasks.