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fold (something) into (something)

1. To bend or crease something into a particular shape or object. He loves origami and can fold paper into all kinds of animals.
2. To mix an ingredient into something, as while baking. OK, the next step is to fold the flour into the mixture.
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fold something into something

1. and fold something in to blend something, such as eggs, into batter. (See also cut something into something.) Carefully, the chef folded the eggs into the other ingredients. The chef folded in the eggs.
2. to make an object by folding something, such as paper or cloth. He folded the paper into a little bird. Wally can fold a sheet of paper into an airplane that flies.
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The two-dimensional structure would then fold into a three-dimensional device that Lee likens to a closed fist, with the drug on the palm.
and Ming Wu of the University of California, Berkeley have found that RNA molecules rearrange their internal structures as they fold into their final shape.
For the engineered molecule to survive as a working protein and not just collapse into a garbled mess, it must fold into a specific shape.
In a sense, designing an amino acid sequence that will fold into a properly shaped protein is like creasing a piece of origami paper so that, when immersed in a solution, the water's energy will fold it into a swan.
To test the hypothesis, Hecht and his coworkers engineered 48 genes specially designed to make proteins that would fold into a bundle of four helices.
Now make up a random sequence of a few hundred beads and predict the three-dimensional structure that the string will spontaneously fold into.