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Very easy to handle, pages lie flat or fold back nicely.
Use it as a standard notebook or flip and fold back the touchscreen to use as a scribble pad or presentation device.
Fold back three quarters of an inch of paper from the end of each wing.
To make these, fold back three quarters of an inch of paper from the ends of each wing (steps six and seven).
The blades have boon designed to cam forward into their cutting position, eliminating the arrow deflection of angled hits often associated with expandable-style broadheads that fold back into their cutting position.
Fold back into rest of whipped cream with a rubber spatula.
DEATH ADDER Unlike other elapids, this stocky Australian snake has long-hinged fangs that fold back against the roof of the mouth within a sheath of skin.
Indelible Blue first defected from the all-IBM fold back in February 1999, when it began offering its Atlas workstations pre-loaded with Linux (CI No 3,595).
The arm can fold back on itself at the middle joint, letting the operator reach into the mold's cavity and around and under the various components.
Also, while the small bubbles are sufficient to stimulate the proper stirring action in the bath, the larger bubbles and rougher motion caused by inordinately high gas pressure disturbs the slag cover, breaks it up and causes the slag to fold back into the bath - defeating the quality advantages of ladle stirring.
Fold the bottom edge up to within half an inch of the top and then fold back both sides.
For instance, you can lift the chest flap to examine the lungs underneath, and then fold back a lung flap to see the heart.
Use carbon paper to transfer the pattern onto the railroad board; cut out frame and fold back at broken lines.
Fold back 1/4 inch along one long edge of a sheet of printer paper, as shown.