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foist (something) (up)on (one)

To force or impose something unwanted or worthless on one. Why are you trying to foist all of these old hats on me? You're cleaning out your attic, aren't you? With Hollywood always foisting garbage upon us, it's a breath of fresh air when a quality film appears in theaters.
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foist someone or something off (on someone or something)

to cast someone or something unwanted off on someone or a group. Please don't try to foist cheap merchandise off on me. Don't foist off your brother on me! You can't foist that stuff off! It's worthless! People won't buy it!
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foist off on

To force something, especially something unwanted, worthless, or false, on someone: She foisted off the furniture on the new owners. The peddler foisted his wares off on the unsuspecting crowd.
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This is an important truth and, on behalf of our clients, we will not allow the City of Santa Monica to avoid its responsibility to them by foisting all of the blame on Mr.
THE APRIL 2 editorial (More banditry) brought to the fore once more the menace the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has been foisting upon this country.
Foisting emblems of my religion on public property, which belongs to all other citizens, including those who do not believe in my or anyone else's God, is wrong.
Bush has now grabbed the Presidency, I've been getting an earful from friends and subscribers who blame me for foisting Bush, and all the evils attendant to him, upon the nation.
By bolstering the capabilities in Tsunami, the company is expanding the set of solutions available to customers without foisting complex software deployments on IT managers.
After foisting her pa-bebe act of claiming she got stage 4 cancer (now allegedly cured
And when Kidron can't recycle, she turns, heavy-handedly, to pop songs, foisting the likes of ``Let's Get It On'' upon us for the umpteenth time.
CARFAX explains that these curbstoners - unlicensed dealers posing as private sellers - now have a new angle for foisting rebuilt wrecks onto a trusting public.
Well, perform already, and quit foisting off these glorified home movies on American viewers.