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foist (something) (up)on (one)

To force or impose something unwanted or worthless on one. Why are you trying to foist all of these old hats on me? You're cleaning out your attic, aren't you? With Hollywood always foisting garbage upon us, it's a breath of fresh air when a quality film appears in theaters.
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foist someone or something off (on someone or something)

to cast someone or something unwanted off on someone or a group. Please don't try to foist cheap merchandise off on me. Don't foist off your brother on me! You can't foist that stuff off! It's worthless! People won't buy it!
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foist off on

To force something, especially something unwanted, worthless, or false, on someone: She foisted off the furniture on the new owners. The peddler foisted his wares off on the unsuspecting crowd.
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It was Nixon's posthumous rehabilitation - his final metamorphosis into still another "new Nixon," the last of the dozen or so transmogrifications he had foisted off on the gullible news media and a susceptible public over the years.
From the monthly meeting of the Little Sisters Aid Society for Underprivileged Leprechauns, to the MCXXVII Annual Symposium on Technopeasants, to state dinners, speakers -- already coerced into talking to audiences who'd rather be somewhere else -- tremble in high anxiety waiting to see what new mementos will be foisted upon them.
The consolidation of insurers with overwhelming market share has enabled their exploitive business practices which have been foisted upon consumers and providers.
She added: "We are bitterly disappointed at the same 'take it or leave it' manner and approach that was foisted on our parents when we were 12-year-old children, and has been foisted twice now in this last year by Minister Harney.
Residents will no longer be required to back the schemes in referenda so that these new "jobs for the boys" - or the most corrupt occupation in USA - can be foisted on voters without a single mandate being achieved.
If we don't face our demons now, we're likely to have to deal with them at a more inconvenient time with a plan that has been foisted upon us.
Tinsley has a right to say and believe anything he wishes, but to have his, in my opinion, anti-American opinions foisted on unsuspecting readers of the comics is unconscionable.
Bigger is not always better and ( coupled with the Government's desire to make it easier for wind farms and nuclear power stations to be foisted on people "in the national interest" ( one can see trouble ahead.
The family unit, and Canada as a whole, can ill afford to squander what may be the last opportunity to overturn the same-sex "marriage" travesty foisted on this nation by the former Liberal government and its accomplices in the homosexual and left-liberal communities.
I RECENTLY tried to get my children to stop being subjected to the religious education foisted on them in school.
The results were not quite as advertised by the free market priesthood who foisted the North American Free Trade Agreement on a skeptical public during the Clinton watch.
How would they vote on the new identity cards being foisted on us?
We have had a prince foisted on us for many years, the last one being of German-English origin,not forgetting Scottish blood.
You may say I'm burying my head in the sand, but that's better than burying it in that putrid lifestyle that is being foisted upon us all.
Coalition founder Pat Robertson described church-state separation as "a lie" and "a distortion foisted on us over the past few years by left-wingers.