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foist (something) (up)on (one)

To force or impose something unwanted or worthless on one. Why are you trying to foist all of these old hats on me? You're cleaning out your attic, aren't you? With Hollywood always foisting garbage upon us, it's a breath of fresh air when a quality film appears in theaters.
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foist someone or something off (on someone or something)

to cast someone or something unwanted off on someone or a group. Please don't try to foist cheap merchandise off on me. Don't foist off your brother on me! You can't foist that stuff off! It's worthless! People won't buy it!
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foist off on

To force something, especially something unwanted, worthless, or false, on someone: She foisted off the furniture on the new owners. The peddler foisted his wares off on the unsuspecting crowd.
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What we want is for men like Mr Fahy is to get some proper coppers back on the streets, enforce the laws we have and stop trying to foist the responsibility for crimefighting on to everybody else.
Foist, a Network Administrator for CIBER -- Remtech, began work at Fort Rucker in October 2003.
Smith professed to be offended by the comment; her attorney vilified Ruiz in the media as being insensitive and desperate to foist blame on anyone but her client.
Through those years, the concept has remained essentially the same despite the various vehicles its single minded proponents have used to foist it upon Washington citizens.
If the state wants to subsidize the tenant let them do so, but not foist it on the landlords of the state.
Currently, many banks are prohibited from using a variety of highly desirable third party/non-core fee generating consumer and small business offerings because of the integration issues these vendors requirements foist on an already overburdened IT staff.
Kelly (ECHO Letters, Dec 14) - you can have the Tesco regeneration they are trying to foist on Kirkby as long as you take the Everton football stadium that goes with it.
THE architect, property developers, plus a few councillors , who are all so determined to foist that monstrous carbuncle on an unwilling city, keep saying that the existing Three Graces in their time met with similar opposition from the people of Liverpool.
PROPOSALS to withdraw driving licences in order to foist ID cards on motorists should be another nail in the coffin of an expensive and unworkable idea.
Although we have no laws against hypocrisy, the question has arisen over whether Sarah Brady broke one of the laws she helped foist on her fellow citizens.
This looks like an attempt to override democracy and foist a new candidate on us.
It is an experiment that they want to try to foist on this entire country.
He stated that: "Even in the eyes of those who would foist upon us elected presidents as an alternative, she (the Queen) has been a magnificent figurehead.
My view is we should not, under any circumstances allow the Labour government to foist this ill thought-out venture upon us.
Two is already one too many and for Camelot to try to foist another on us to bump up their profits is ludicrous.