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silver foil

Thin sheets of aluminum that are typically used to cover food and keep it fresh. Primarily heard in UK. Wrap those leftovers in silver foil so you can have them for lunch tomorrow.
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tinfoil hat

slang A paranoid or delusional mindset centered around a belief in some conspiracy theory or another. Refers to the cliché of using such headgear to prevent mind-control or having one's thoughts read. A: "You know that they put those GPS trackers in your phones so the government can monitor you, right?" B: "Dude, you need to take your tinfoil hat off and spend some time away from the Internet for a while." A lot people wearing tinfoil hats believe the moon landing was faked by the US government.
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If your funnel (imbudo) is already worn out, or if you need extra funnels, just twirl a piece of aluminum foil into a cone.
biggest production facilities in Armenia and is the only producer of aluminium foil in the Caucasus and Central Asian regions.
In particular, visitors to the API Foils stand were invited to view its latest cold foiling technology, which has become one the most cost-effective solutions for creating brand enhancement and differentiation in the label industry.
How this applies to stencil systems of today is it is the characteristic of the foil property returning to its original position after a force has been applied and then removed.
Yet, the ratings benefit from the expected growth in demand in the foil industry, JP Foil's presence in value-added segments like lacquering and embossing and the low funding risk as the company has obtained most of the equity and debt for the project.
Cornell Dubilier Foil will also offer considerable synergy effects with KEMET's capacitor operations, vice president Chuck Meeks said.
Under a separate agreement, Novelis will continue to supply foil to the operation.
MPM foiled has the same qualities as the traditional MPM and is used to reduce vibrations and structure borne sound without increasing the weight of the construction and at the same time replace already existing materials.
Foil can be shaped into almost anything--it is the all-purpose material for children's art.
The remainder of the medals - all bronze - came from the team competitions, in the boys' foil, girls' foil, boys' epee and girls' epee.
Cut a piece of aluminum foil at least twice as big as the leaf.
The Freedom of Information Law, codified in Article 6 of the Public Officers Law ("FOIL") permits anyone to request records from the Insurance Department.
Swiss mould maker Georg Kaufmann is supplying the tooling which combines moulding with finishing of the foil surface.
Foil bearings are making explosive progress, according to Hooshang Heshmat, an ASME Fellow and founder of Mohawk Innovative Technology Inc.