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old fogy

An older person, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that old fogy. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a stodgy old fogy when I get older.
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young fogey

A young person who acts older than they are, due to conservative and/or outdated beliefs and behaviors. A play on the more common phrase "old fogey"—and older person with outdated ideals. Primarily heard in UK. You don't want to come to the club? Ah, you're such a young fogey. I can't believe you're going to bed early on a Saturday night so that you can go to church in the morning—you're such a young fogey!
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an old ˈfogey/ˈfogy

(usually disapproving) (usually of an older person) a person with very old-fashioned or traditional views, opinions, etc: I’m not such an old fogey that I can’t remember what it was like to be a student.
A young person with old-fashioned views, style of dress, etc. is sometimes called a ‘young fogey’: He’s one of the young fogies who write for the ‘Spectator’.
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old fogey

n. an old-fashioned person; an old man. My uncle is an old fogey. He must be the most old-fashioned man in the world.
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The Fogeys will spurn nightclubs for traditional pubs and listen to Radio 4 rather than watch Channel 4.
Funny how quickly politicians turn from young firebrands into young fogeys and then into old fogeys.
This week a man, speaking to me about a management board, said: "Look at the age profile" in tones that said "Moribund old fogeys " get rid".
It's not so much the old fogeys,or the ones that sound like old fogeys, that I'm interested in.However, the welter of exciting and inspirational new Welsh bands are in such a state of pre-puberty flux that they could never be tied down to one particular creature.
STAGE star Sinead Cusack is aiming to set the record straight by personally writing to Warwickshire theatre lovers upset at being called "boring old fogeys".
The Royal Shakespeare Company is seen as a haven for 'old fogeys' and rich people, one of its most acclaimed actresses told MPs yesterday.
The gimmick element, which was unappealing to us old fogeys, has largely been overcome
Maybe the pair thought they'd go unrecognised by dressing up as young fogeys - her in an overgrown Christmas jumper and him in a lot of mad plaid.
Not all the elderly are old fogeys; not all youngsters are hooded vandals and tearaways.
Old fogeys certainly, but at least pop picking that way was more exciting then internet downloading.
Are things so desperate that you have to resort to trying to appeal to teenagers, because they have more disposable income than old fogeys like me?
But security bosses want to wrest control from the old fogeys, who got their nickname because of their 18th century costumes.
It felt like a well-intentioned insult but the crowd did their best to show they aren't fogeys, going wild during Fortune Faded, Otherside and The Zephyr Song.
"There is something wrong in Stratford, because there is the perception of it being where boring old fogeys go, where rich people go."
Half of us poor old fogeys will be dead or too doddery to benefit from a free bus ride in 2003.