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old fogy

An older person, especially one whose views or attitudes are considered boring or old-fashioned. Ah, don't mind that old fogy. He's just cantankerous because he isn't up to speed with the way of today's youth. I've fully embraced that I'm going to be a stodgy old fogy when I get older.
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young fogey

A young person who acts older than they are, due to conservative and/or outdated beliefs and behaviors. A play on the more common phrase "old fogey"—and older person with outdated ideals. Primarily heard in UK. You don't want to come to the club? Ah, you're such a young fogey. I can't believe you're going to bed early on a Saturday night so that you can go to church in the morning—you're such a young fogey!
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an old ˈfogey/ˈfogy

(usually disapproving) (usually of an older person) a person with very old-fashioned or traditional views, opinions, etc: I’m not such an old fogey that I can’t remember what it was like to be a student.
A young person with old-fashioned views, style of dress, etc. is sometimes called a ‘young fogey’: He’s one of the young fogies who write for the ‘Spectator’.
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old fogey

n. an old-fashioned person; an old man. My uncle is an old fogey. He must be the most old-fashioned man in the world.
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It is often said that the older generation hate change but veteran Jimmy White is still more maverick than old fogey and he has welcomed Barry Hearn's attempts to inject more excitement into the game.
This does not make me an old fogey. Being someone who still prefers the Allman Brothers Band to Snoop Dogg or Nine Inch Nails makes me an old fogey.
RTE are offering another turkey - Ryan Tubridy, a man who confesses to be a "young fogey" with a love of crooners, going off to Mullingar in search of the story behind One Direction's Niall Horan.
THIS poem was sent in by Michael Twohig of Bordesley Village Old Fogey's Memoirs Rich manure from milkman's horses Help grow the veg that boost resources.
"I know I'm at risk of sounding like an old fogey but Celebrity Big Brother, for a start, is well past its sell-by date.
In a few weeks' time I will be 38 and though I am not really that bothered about getting older, I don't want to turn into an old fogey before my time.
Also, please spare the embarrassment of an 81-year-old absent-minded old fogey by not printing my name and address!
Maureen Messent was right - it's about time that old fogey (my mom calls him that and she's 83) Bruce Forsyth retired.
The young radical had become an old fogey, at least in the eyes of his successors.
THIS may translate as the cranky mumblings of an old fogey swathed in twirled tweed but, pray tell -if you'll pardon the obvious alle gory -what is afoot up at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King?
We should have no truck with the views of that un-elected phalanx of born-to-rule old fogey's operating out of that veritable garden of Remembrance of British politics, namely the House of Lord's.
Britain's oldest fogey, Jacob Rees-Mogg, (born somewhere between Hadrian laying the last brick on his wall and the repeal of The Corn Laws) is celebrating the birth of his sixth child.
Nadir's wife, Nur "You know you are an old fogey when you try to open a car park barrier with a dry-cleaning ticket."
But ladies, and built for comfort, thetan-colouredthighboots fancy dress parties-knees do getabit Old Fogey, Name and address supplied