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fob (someone or something) off on (someone or something)

1. To convince someone to buy something through some form of deceit. He's a rube, so we can definitely fob this piece of junk off on him.
2. To turn an unwanted person or thing over to someone else. Why are you fobbing Albert off on me? I don't want to spend time with that dullard any more than you do!
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fob off

1. To evade or dupe someone or avoid some responsibility through some form of deceit. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fob" and "off." I didn't feel like working in the tutoring center today, so I fobbed my teacher off with the first excuse I could think of.
2. To attempt to sell, dispose of, or pass off something through fraudulent or deceptive means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fob" and "off." He's been fobbing off cheap watches as Rolexes out on the street. It turns out the student had purchased a pre-written essay online and tried to fob it off on his professor.
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fresh off the boat

Newly immigrated, especially without having yet assimilated the host country's language, culture, and/or behavior. My grandfather was still fresh off the boat when he opened up his business here in 1820, and he didn't speak a lick of English.
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fob someone or something off (on or onto someone)

to get rid of someone or something by transferring someone or something to someone. Don't try to fob your girlfriend off on me! He also fobbed off a bad car on Jane. Some car dealers are always trying to fob something off.
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fob off

1. Sell or dispose of goods by fraud or deception, as in They tried to fob off the zircon as a diamond. [c. 1600]
2. Put off or appease by deceitful means, as in We needed her help but were fobbed off by promises. [c. 1600]
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fob off

1. To dispose of something by fraud or deception; palm off: The jeweler fobbed off the zircon as a diamond. The crook fobbed the broken computer off as functional.
2. To put someone off or appease someone by deceit or evasion: He wanted to go on a date, but she fobbed him off with excuses. The landlord fobbed off the tenants' complaints for another month.
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mod. fresh off the boat; as gullible and trusting as a new immigrant. (Initialism. A play on the initials of Free on Board.) Where did you get those FOB shoes? Blue suede is back?
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It is also interesting to note that only Model S is affected by the key fob, maybe because it is the only Tesla vehicle key that utilizes unique Pektron manufactured technology.
The owners were the battalion staff and the brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company, which fell under our battalion and served as the base operations node on the FOB. The brigade staff and brigade support battalion (both on FOB Salerno) fell into this category.
The WR sent them a reminder to repair the Santacruz FOB on Friday.
I took a picture of the village from a spot just outside the perimeter wire of FOB Leopard.
A different service guy drove my car around for me, but I noticed that there was only one key fob on my key ring.
Force protection at our platoon FOBs was no different than at larger FOBs.
The card or fob gives tenants access to the garage, entrance into the building and access to their office suites.
The FLE's inability to produce their own potable water supply posed a problem; instead of the FEE being able to purify it themselves, water had to be trucked in from nearby FOBs. Someone also made the assumption that the FOB needed portable latrines; after all, other FOBs had them.
Those wanting added security can turn off their cards and fobs, making their finger the only key to their home.
He needed a hobby, and started chasing after construction toys, and then fobs. "I started seeing fobs at shows, and because they had the names of distributors on them, like Ziegler Caterpillar in Minneapolis, Gibbs-Cook Caterpillar in Iowa and Butler-Cat in the Dakotas, they really tripped my trigger," he says with a laugh.
The mission was a convoy to different villages around southern Afghanistan, using small Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) as a home base.
Tesla Model S still bears the risk of being stolen as key fobs continue to be vulnerable to cloning.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 29 (ANI): The Indian Army on Monday dismissed reports of them constructing three foot overbridges (FOBs) in Mumbai with materials brought from a war store on the Indo-China border near Doklam.