fly from (someone or something)

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fly from (someone or something)

1. To leave some place or area by plane. I'm flying from Philadelphia on a noon plane. I'm flying from Dallas—how long do you think it will take me to get to Chicago?
2. To flee in order to evade someone or something. Only one of the burglars was caught—the rest flew from the police.
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fly from someone or something (to something)

to escape from something or some place to a place of safety. The family had to fly from their pursuers to a place of safety outside the country. They flew from the people chasing them.
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fly from something (to something)

to go from something or some place to some other place by air. We had to fly from Miami to Raleigh to get a flight to Chicago. We were able to fly from Miami at the last minute.
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how many wise men come flying from afar, to dash their heads against thee!
Gol flight 1907, flying from the principle Amazon city of Manaus bound for the national capital Brasilia, disappeared after losing radar contact, the company said.
In the last major airline crash in Brazil, 33 people were killed when a plane belonging to regional carrier Rico Linhas Aereas crashed in the Amazon flying from Sao Paulo de Olivenca to Manaus on May 14, 2004.
"I met several (Women Auxiliary Service Pilots) at the museum and they told me about their experiences flying from manufacturers to air bases all over the world.
You have guardsmen, reservists and active-duty Airmen over the top of the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, aboard tankers, aboard fighters, aboard AWACS (airborne warning and control system aircraft), flying from little airfields and big airfields to make sure this country is safe.
Flying from Bataan (CYL 29), VMF-312 Corsair pilot Capt.
NAS President Mohammed Al Zeer also disclosed his ambition to pioneer low cost airline services in the Middle East, using an initial five A320 aircraft flying from Saudi Arabia's Jeddah, Riyadh and Damman Airports from summer next year.
Southwest is pushing for the repeal of the Wright Amendment, which limits flying from Love Field.
AirTran would consider Love Field flights, executive says: The president of AirTran Airways said the carrier would consider flying from Dallas Love Field if lawmakers repeal the Wright Amendment.