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Roth logged more than 3,300 hours of flying time, flying such aircraft as the XB-43, the F-86, and Northrop's N9M flying wing.
Just as migrating geese and other birds fly in a V-formation to save energy, Dryden researchers tested the effect of flying one jet in the vortex, or up-wash of air, coming off the wingtip of a plane in front of it.
The WASPs flew more than 60 million miles during World War II, flying 78 different type of aircraft.
A person can start flying with a basic IFO for about $250, Dan Kreigh said, although some kits are cheaper.
Almost all of the ones left flying never saw combat,'' Harrison said.
I have decided that during the open house and air show I'll make a sonic boom in the F-15, but 60 years is long enough for me to be flying military airplanes,'' Yeager said.
The pilots in the Antelope Valley chapter of the Ninety-Nines cover the gamut of flying, from glider pilots to commercial pilots to even, in the case of member Pam Melroy, space shuttles.
Couple that with their ability to switch flying directions in midair, and your poor batting average begins to make sense.