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At airshows, Dawson is frequently asked what it's like to be a woman flying a plane men flew during the war.
Air Mobility Command on any given day, to include the activities in the AOR, are flying about 1,000 sorties worldwide.
A retired surgeon and director of North Jersey Bank who recently got his license, Jerry credits flying his Robinson R44 with taking years off his life.
Flying the CH-46E Sea Knight, supplies assault transport of combat troops in the initial assault waves and follow-on stages of amphibious and subsequent ashore operations.
Dale himself began flying gliders at the age of 14 in England before joining the Royal Air Force.
The new transport is receiving high marks from the pilots flying it.
Made of ripstop nylon and a fiberglass frame, the 27" x 26" Power Flyer[TM] rubber powered gliders are the latest in outdoor flying fun
Edwards pilots, who did not know what was happening on the ground, made two low passes over the park prior to flying over the parade.
I was totally disappointed that I was flying a bomber instead of a fighter.
Parker, chairman of Parker Price Venture Capital in San Francisco, will get almost as much enjoyment out of flying to the central Oregon resort as he will unwinding once he gets there.
The first Marine strikes of the war launches on 3 august, with VMF-214 sending eight F4U Corsairs flying close air support (CAS) for U.
Just before an insect larva changes into a flying adult, it develops white globs of cells called imaginal disks that later become its wings, explains Sean B.
In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight, Young Eagles pilots across the country plan to treat one million kids (ages 8-17) to free flights by the year 2003--and let the kids do the flying.
SEATTLE -- The Flying Heritage Collection, featuring rare World War II and Cold War-era aircraft acquired and restored to flying condition by investor and philanthropist Paul G.