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While these have led to a reduction in the selling of fake policies and number of fly-by-night insurance companies, other anomalies continue to this date, according to LTO insiders.
That's the fly-by-night operation that underwrote millions of dollars in junk promissory notes for companies across the nation.
If someone hears of you, but you don't have a Website, you will seem, at best, outdated and, at worst, fly-by-night.
After all, Charest and Weinberg weren't fly-by-night schlockmeisters with a reputation for creative bookkeeping.
LAS VEGAS Featuring a performance that could be called a fly-by-night affair, "De La Guarda" made its Vegas bow at the Rio Hotel on Oct.
"This wasn't like a fly-by-night decision for most of these women," says Kjerulff.
They represent, like many of the fly-by-night monophysites and dilettantes who are allotted air time on Vision TV, merely a small minority of disgruntled persons who falsely claim to represent the majority of Canadian Catholics.
If they are not careful, though, they may be hit by a second disaster not long after the first: fraudulent fly-by-night contractors.
Some are made by fly-by-night companies; others, like Stresstabs, are made by industry giants like Lederle.
This holds for claims of a "money-back guarantee." Many quacks are fly-by-night operators who do not respond to refund demands.
Funa noted the HMO industry had been plagued by fly-by-night firms that have victimized many Filipinos, especially in the provinces.
It will foster the short-term rise of fly-by-night outfits who will be unable to sustain long-term development of players and the game, thereby leading to insecurity and the eventual decay of the sport in Dubai.
Many of the businesses collared in the UK Border Agency swoop are predictably fly-by-night. Some, however, are big enough to know better.
Thatcher decimated the town when she drove the steel mills under, which makes it a measure of how low the Blairs took Labour that Corby voted Tory last time and ended up with a fly-by-night, flibbertigibbet multimillionairess MP like Louise Mensch who has, well, flown by night - all the way to New York to join her billionaire new husband, leaving Corby in the lurch.
He has been exposed as a fly-by-night, a Bob Crow sycophant, in it for himself.