fly a/your kite

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fly a kite

1. To suggest something in order to gauge interest in it or others' perception of it. When everyone objected to my idea, I reassured them that I was just flying a kite and had not made any sort of decision on the matter.
2. To ponder a potential reason or explanation for something. Oh, you're just flying a kite—you don't really know why Emily didn't come to the party.
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fly a kite

try something out to test opinion. informal
A historical sense of this phrase was ‘raise money by an accommodation bill’, meaning to raise money on credit, and this sense of testing public opinion of your creditworthiness gave rise to the current figurative sense. The US phrase go fly a kite! means ‘go away!’.
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fly a ˈkite

(British English, informal) release a bit of information, etc. in order to test public reaction to something that you plan to do at a later date: Let’s fly a kite. Tell the papers that the government is thinking of raising the school leaving age to 18, and we’ll see what the reaction is.
A kite is a kind of toy that you fly in the air at the end of one or more long strings. It will tell you which way the wind is blowing.
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(go) fly a/your ˈkite

(American English, informal) used to tell somebody to go away and stop annoying you or interfering
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| Crosby Beach Fly your kite in the company of 100 Iron Men on Crosby beach.
"Grass is the perfect element, you feel part of the nature and you can run around to fly your kite."
* The days that you have tried to fly your kite have been very windy.
Because he''s a Why is a tree They both have Then go, go fly your kite...
You can fly your kite any day that the weather is suitable.
Rangers: Fly your kite in an open area at a park, field, or beach, and never use wire for your line.
* Don't fly your kite near telephone or electric lines.
Learn the basics of kite flying and making, and then fly your kite in the fantastic setting of The Garden.
Walk to find a safe place to fly your kite. Run a little to get your kite in the air.
* Never fly your kite in or near public roads or highways.