fly up to

fly up to (some place)

To travel by plane to a location that is further north or at a higher elevation. I live in Florida now, but I still regularly fly up to Boston to see my family.
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fly up to something

to go by air to a place at a higher elevation or to a place in the north. We will fly up to St. Paul for the holidays. I want to fly up to Alberta, Canada, for the summer.
See also: fly, to, up
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These jets have the ability to fly up to 2,000 miles, offering new routes including New York to popular Florida destinations such as West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Naples, for under $11,000 each way [ETH] less than any other branded charter operator.
It can carry 100 passengers and fly up to 9,260 nautical miles (17,150 km).