fly to (someone or something)

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fly to (someone or something)

1. To travel to a particular place or destination by plane. I'm flying to Boston this weekend for a wedding. How long do you think will it take me to fly to Chicago from Dallas?
2. To rush to someone or something. My daughter isn't thrilled that I've gone back to work—she flies to me the minute I get home.
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fly to someone or something

to go to someone or something quickly and eagerly; to flee to someone or something. She flew to his arms as he got off the boat. Harry flew to Gloria and hugged her tight.
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fly to something

to go to something or some place by air. After Miami, we fly to Chicago. Let's fly to Paris for lunch.
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After instructions from top level, Malik would fly to US directly from Dubai, as earlier he was scheduled to return Islamabad.
Fly to US for PS99 THESE days, you'd struggle to buy a train ticket from one end of the country to another for less that PS100.
Meanwhile, the 47-year-old actor, who was to fly to US this month for treatment of his neurological condition (trigeminal neuralgia), has delayed his trip due to his busy schedule.
However, she needs to be keen so that she will fly to us for food.
THE world's biggest passenger aircraft will fly to US airports on the east and west coasts to pave the way for commercial flights.
Ecuador has now been rated as category 1 for safety instead of category 2, which made it hard for the country's airlines to fly to US cities.