fly to

fly to (someone or something)

1. To travel to a particular place or destination by plane. I'm flying to Boston this weekend for a wedding. How long do you think will it take me to fly to Chicago from Dallas?
2. To rush to someone or something. My daughter isn't thrilled that I've gone back to work—she flies to me the minute I get home.
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fly to someone or something

to go to someone or something quickly and eagerly; to flee to someone or something. She flew to his arms as he got off the boat. Harry flew to Gloria and hugged her tight.
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fly to something

to go to something or some place by air. After Miami, we fly to Chicago. Let's fly to Paris for lunch.
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References in classic literature ?
You will then find a ship at your side, step into it and fly to the King's Palace.
So, if we had the wings, and could escape the Gargoyles, we might fly to that rock and be saved."
Only a few of them still move, rise, and feebly fly to settle on the enemy's hand, lacking the spirit to die stinging him; the rest are dead and fall as lightly as fish scales.
This will allow the fly to be more easily pulled down by the fly line, which keeps that direct path between you and the fly.
Yes Dai created a fly to deceive the best - and I never leave home without having a Sun Fly in my fly-box.
According to the new study, a protein called PPK28 makes it possible for a fly to taste water.
The carrier will fly to Chicago, Orlando, Tampa and Las Vegas.
To wit, consider this scenario: Three Kodak executives in Rochester, N.Y., want to fly to Philadelphia.
The team is beginning to suspect that a good portion of these butterflies fly to Mexico, as the populations further east do.
The drill is called "Team Fly" to emphasize that we fly to the football on defense.
Spokesman Kapp said it would fly to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan in late June -- with a stop en route at the Paris Air Show.
This type of weight will get your fly to fall nose first, like a conventional bucktail jig.
It is an art form in which the fly-dresser creates an imitation fly to represent as closely as possible the natural fly - so colour, shape, texture and movement must be studied closely and incorporated in the man-made reproduction.
Currently with flyBE Aviation Services at Exeter where it will undergo maintenance, it will fly to Geneva to be fitted for a 30-40 seat VIP interior by Jet Aviation, VP sales and marketing Ammar Balkar confirmed.
The happy partnership of these senses enables a fly to perceive complex suites of signals, including those that presage mating.