fly past

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fly past (someone or something)

to soar or glide past someone or something. The stone flew past Mike's left ear, and he ducked. The plane flew past the cloud bank.
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Among the guests invited to witness the fly past were six RAF Battle of Britain pilots - famously dubbed the "few" by wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.
In the same afternoon, another fly past will take place along the Abu Dhabi Corniche at 4.
Bob Jones Bob Jones was 'taken home' to Welshpool airport, where a fly past in the pilot's honour preceded his funeral
Astronomers around the world are getting their telescopes ready to catch sight of a speeding ball of rock which will fly past the Earth on Tuesday night.
Air Cadets from 499 Port Talbot Squadron wait to see a Lancaster Bomber fly past * The Breitling Wingwalkers delight the crowds at Wales National Air Show as they fly past Swansea Bay PICTURE: Richard Swingler
BON VOYAGE: Pupils from Ursuline Catholic Primary in Crosby look out for the planes (inset) as they complete their fly past
My childhood seemed to fly past like a shot, Then these unendurable trials commenced, The sea was brutal, I finally forgot Your face, I felt because of my offence I'd gone forever past the hopeless fence.
fly past the moon as they arrive at the RSPB Vane Farm Nature Reserve by Loch Leven, Scotland.
A Hawk from RAF Leeming's 100 Squadron marked the occasion with a fly past.
MESSENGER will fly past Mercury again in September 2009 and settle into orbit around the planet in 2011.
I was one of the spectators to see this fly past on Monday afternoon, ("Caught on film - five UFOs in the skies above Emley" Examiner June 15).
Although he enjoyed playing in the pass-oriented Princeton offense, he's clearly better off in an uptempo game, using his quickness in transition to fly past opponents and his vision and passing to find open teammates for easy baskets.
So we went off to Waterloo and watched the fly past and also a cormorant catch an eel in the marina.
Russian space officials said Wednesday the space station Mir will not fly past Japan as initially expected before it plunges into the Pacific later this month.
Despite tremendous advances in medical technology, there is still no definitive way to determine which pilots would be safe to fly past age 60," Hunter said.