fly over

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fly over someone or something

to soar or glide over someone or something. We saw an eagle fly over us. The plane flew over the desert.
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By late season, educated geese have learned to fly over every field several times before landing, looking skeptically at decoy spreads from several perspectives.
The Age quoted Danby, as saying that his constituents were sick of blocked road access during the Formula One race and the loud noises from cars, crowds and fly overs.
On the return flight (conditions permitting), the classic DC3 with its refurbished, oversized windows, makes a fly over the Space Center allowing a panoramic view of space travel's most historic site.
In a cloudless real-world panorama fly over mountain ranges; take in the Earth at night; rotate the globe; play games; listen to narratives and watch time-lapse photos.
Government of Punjab constructed fly over at Chandni chowk earlier to ensure smooth flow of traffic on Murree road but this step could not prove productive as it aggravated traffic problem at Rehman Abad crossing and 6th road.
The prime minister was informed that work on construction of fly-overs was in full swing in the city and the level one fly over at Jinnah Chowk (Chowk Kumharanwala) would be completed by March 23.
3 metre wide Jinah Chowk level one fly over was completed in 13 months.
Kashmiris give preference to roads, daily wage jobs, universities, fly overs, shopping malls and other such things but they fail to understand this is never going to set us free.
These PPP Projects in 33 states relate to Mass Rapid Transport Systems(19), Solid Waste Management (25), Water supply, Parking lots, Roads, Fly overs and Road Over Bridges.
The DG claimed that construction of under passes and fly overs, signal free roads and intersections, elimination of horn honking polluting wagons, ban over two-stroke rickshaws, improvement in road infrastructure, Ring Road facility and MBS projects have helped considerably to control the air noise and pollution in the metropolis.