fly off with

fly off with (someone or something)

1. To take flight and leave a particular place while in possession of or accompanied by someone or something. As soon as they heard us coming, the birds flew off with food scraps they'd taken from the trashcan. How many passengers is that plane flying off with?
2. To depart hastily with someone or something. I didn't have time to stay and chat, so I just flew off with the things I had left behind after my last visit.
See also: fly, off

fly off with someone or something

1. Lit. to depart with someone or something by air. The eagle flew off with the kitten. The pilot flew off with the eight passengers.
2. Fig. to leave in a hurry with someone or something. She flew off with her packages before she got her change. Dave flew off with his brother because they had to meet a train.
See also: fly, off
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A BIRD-BRAINED hawk hired to scare seagulls tried to fly off with a dog instead.