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fly into (someone or something)

To collide with someone or something while moving through the air. A miscommunication with air traffic control led to those two planes flying into each other. I didn't see him throw the Frisbee, and it flew straight into me.
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fly into (something or some place)

1. To travel to a particular destination by airplane. I'm flying into Philly on Thursday—can you pick me up at the airport?
2. To arrange for someone or something travel to some place via airplane. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fly" and "into." They want to fly me into Dallas for an interview with the president of the company. The government was forced to use helicopters to fly emergency supplies into the flooded city.
3. To travel into a weather-related condition while flying. There was a lot of turbulence because we flew into a storm.
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fly into something

1. . and fly in to go to something or some place by air; to arrive by air. When are you going to fly into the airport? We will fly into Detroit tomorrow.
2. to crash into something while flying. Birds sometimes fly into tall buildings.
3. to pass into something, such as fog, clouds, wind, etc., while flying. We flew into some clouds, but the flight was not rough. The plane flew into some fog as it was landing.
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Perseus will fly into this zone as well, assisting in studies of the slow erosion of the ozone layer over the northern midlatitudes.
As has happened several times-the PSA catastrophe over San Diego in 1978 comes to mind-those relatively unsupervised private pilots can fly into you even when they're sober.
From that day on, friends and associates have wondered how Connors could have allowed the airliner to fly into such a violent storm-unless it took him and the rest of the flight crew by surprise.
Pilots fly into thunderstorms because they can't see them when they're already amid benign clouds.