fly from

fly from (someone or something)

1. To leave some place or area by plane. I'm flying from Philadelphia on a noon plane. I'm flying from Dallas—how long do you think it will take me to get to Chicago?
2. To flee in order to evade someone or something. Only one of the burglars was caught—the rest flew from the police.
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fly from someone or something (to something)

to escape from something or some place to a place of safety. The family had to fly from their pursuers to a place of safety outside the country. They flew from the people chasing them.
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fly from something (to something)

to go from something or some place to some other place by air. We had to fly from Miami to Raleigh to get a flight to Chicago. We were able to fly from Miami at the last minute.
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References in classic literature ?
Butteridge's success a really very considerable number of newspapers, tempted by the impunity of the pioneers in this direction, had pledged themselves to pay in some cases, quite overwhelming sums to the first person to fly from Manchester to Glasgow, from London to Manchester, one hundred miles, two hundred miles in England, and the like.
In another study, Mahmood and Mishkatullah (2007) recorded lower population of fruit fly from November to February, whereas an increase was recorded from March to August.
He was very generous with his flies and had no hesitation in taking a fly from his own cast and giving it to an angler who was not quite as successful as he was on the river.
Dr Mallya conceded that the decision to go with ATR aircraft would come as a surprise "because people associate us with flying trunk (metro) routes." The ATRs will be used to fly from secondary cities in India to cities of economic wealth and will also provide feeder services to the seven Airbus A320s Kingfisher currently flies, serving hubs at Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Bangalore.
Further examination revealed that these flies had elevated DJ-1[alpha] expression--the loss of DJ-1[beta] somehow encouraged a compensatory upregulation of DJ-1[alpha], which the authors believe protected the fly from paraquat-induced oxidative damage.
Click Mexicana will fly nine domestic routes from Mexico City at first, but it hopes to fly from Cancun to Havana in the near future.
It was to a great extent a reservist's war in both men and material, as civilians returned to uniform to fly from carriers that were themselves pulled from mothballs.
By examining mutant flies--say, those with an extra set of wings--Lewis discovered a novel family of genes that controls the development of organs in the fly from head to tail.
At times it was almost impossible to tell the artificial fly from the natural live insect.