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in a (constant) state of flux

Apt to change or fluctuate; prone to instability. A: "No, their wedding plans are in a constant state of flux." B: "Wow, I wonder if they'll actually make it down the aisle." Well, all of our vacation plans are in a state of flux now that Sheila's broken her ankle.
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in flux

Apt to change or fluctuate; prone to instability. Well, all of our vacation plans are in flux now that Sheila's broken her ankle.
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in flux

 and in a (constant) state of flux
in constant change; ever-changing. I can't describe my job because it's in a constant state afflux. The price of gold is influx.
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Different flux compositions for different cans were melted at the required temperatures.
Because the magnetic flux leakage method responds to both far side and near side corrosion and cracks, it is necessary to introduce a strong magnetic field into the component wall.
Matty Cusden-Ross, founder and CEO of Flux, said, 'With a strong focus on sustainability, we see Itsu as a natural partner for being the first retailer to trial solely Flux's paperless receipt product.
This proposed flux capacitor may create superfast quantum computers.
Measurement height: no study in the literature identified the optimal height where the measurement of sensible heat flux, H, is in best agreement with a reference value.
Field orientation control or IVC of an induction machine achieves decoupled torque and flux dynamics leading to independent control of the torque and flux.
Huang and Zhao introduce basic principles of magnetic flux leakage detection, its use to identify and quantify defects in products and components, and its implementation techniques.
In Section 2, the equivalent model of series transformers is presented, and the flux linkage expressions of the series transformers are derived based on the Laplace transform.
In this study, only net radiation or balance radiation (Rn), sensible heat flux (H) and latent heat (LE) were considered and analyzed along with rainfall, whose data were collected by a micrometeorological station located within the EEcA.
The idea behind cleaning is simple: to completely remove residues and contaminants from flux and paste used in soldering (FIGURE 1).
This surface heat transition is called heat flux. Heat budget involves the total heat fluxes coming into or going out of a water volume.
Kidlington, United Kingdom, April 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The CircuitWorks range of handy pens and syringes for electronic prototyping, rework and repair of circuit boards includes flux dispensing and flux removal in their range, now available ex stock from Intertronics.
Jan Eliasson, le vice-secretaire general de l'ONU, et Thabo Mbeki, l'ancien president de l'Afrique du Sud, appellent a l'arret des flux financiers illicites provenant de l'Afrique car [beaucoup moins que]ils portent prejudice aux individus, au developpement et a la gouvernance du continent en general[beaucoup plus grand que].
Critical and threshold flux theories were quickly applied by researchers and membrane process designers in order to inhibit membrane fouling in many systems.