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embalming fluid

1. Literally, a type of fluid that is used to preserve a corpse. ("Embalming" is the process of injecting a corpse with such fluid.) We haven't injected the embalming fluid yet—that's the next step.
2. slang Liquor, especially whiskey. If I keep drinking this embalming fluid, I'll be drunk in no time!
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gender fluid

Not strictly identifying as one distinct gender, perhaps identifying as a different gender at different times, or identifying as more than one gender at once. My sex is male, but I'm gender fluid, and I feel more feminine than masculine some days.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
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Del's story moves fluidly through her lifetime, weaving backward to her teenage years and the momentous traffic jam that marks the start of her future.
With grid computing, users have immediate access to compute and data resources in a fluid environment that responds fluidly to their demands.
Innocent Heart, Laughter And Tears reads fluidly, yet it is more than a memoir and a biography; it beautifully preserves a piece of twentieth century Italian-American heritage, culture, and memory.
The watercolor paintings in this beautifully illustrated alphabet book fluidly evoke movement.
She cruises through this voluminous material confidently and fluidly, like a well-organized college lecturer who knows her subject.
Teaching these relationships to the employees who share accountability in decision-making and execution minimizes the unknown, allowing the organization to react fluidly to constant changes in the internal and external environments.
The horn section is as punchy, crisp, and powerful as ever; Prestia (recovered from a liver transplant and only recently returned to the band) is playing as inventively and fluidly as he ever has, and apart from one soggily generic moment (the requisite slow number "Remember Love") and one or two lyrically superfluous celebrations of the East Bay's good old days, Oakland Zone offers nothing but the finest quality old-school funk--it is difficult to imagine anyone sitting still while listening to this music.
The hardware design integrates a PEEK holder with an auto-adjusting stern that fluidly interfaces to any 10 32 port providing a zero dead volume connection no matter what the tube stop depth.
This is not to take away anything from Winnipeg-born Tracy Dahl, who covered the vocal histrionics fluidly and delved into the role's psychological side both believably and coherently.
on Thursday unveiled a new version of the robot dog Aibo, featuring better image-recognition functions and an improved body mechanism allowing it to move more fluidly.
This fluidly written and handsomely illustrated book is a pleasant sequel indeed to Gibson's Mirror of the Earth (1989), a detailed study of the sixteenth-century transformations of the panoramic landscape invented by Joachim Parinir.
Well marshalled by rapidly improving fly-half Emyr Williams, the home backs combined fluidly to score five tries, centre Alex Eatly grabbing two and others coming from wing Nicky Allinson, fullback Gareth Rees and scrum-half Luke Marsh.
The stylized shadow play gives Jutra an elusive presence that intersects fluidly with other visuals, including rare clips from Le Dement du lac Jean--Jeunes and recently discovered home movies, much of them in colour, Jutra took of himself and his family.