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embalming fluid

1. Literally, a type of fluid that is used to preserve a corpse. ("Embalming" is the process of injecting a corpse with such fluid.) We haven't injected the embalming fluid yet—that's the next step.
2. slang Liquor, especially whiskey. If I keep drinking this embalming fluid, I'll be drunk in no time!
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gender fluid

Not strictly identifying as one distinct gender, perhaps identifying as a different gender at different times, or identifying as more than one gender at once. My sex is male, but I'm gender fluid, and I feel more feminine than masculine some days.
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embalming fluid

n. strong liquor; raw whiskey. Bartender, pour out this embalming fluid and get me your best.
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* Regularly monitor fluid condition and replace it when monitoring shows it is necessary; do not rely on "hours run" as an indicator.
Fluid is used for resuscitation of critically ill patients in many clinical circumstances including shock, trauma and major surgery.
Variables such as foetal age, maternal age and obesity, parity and amniotic fluid volume measured by gray-scale and Doppler sonography were recorded for each mother (maternal obesity was divided into thin, normal, and obese which the criteria were based on the resolution of sonographic images affected by the patients' subcutaneous fat).
We are indeed giving less and less fluid, but this restrictive fluid administration results in continuous infusions of vasopressors (noradrenaline, phenylephrine) with dramatically increasing dosages.
Our line of fluid warmers is designed to maintain precise temperatures of injection fluids and irrigation fluids, while our blanket warmers are used for pre- and postoperative patient warming.
After 28 weeks, the fluid levels at just less than a litre.
This subjects the used fluid to a range of chemical treatments to remove Impurities, followed by distillation of the base oil from the additives.
Performing the automated body fluid counting on the same analyzer as the urinalysis can increase the testing volume, which may help justify the cost of an automated workcell, not only for larger labs but also for low-volume laboratories which may also be performing manual urine microscopies.
Figure 2 shows the typical model of magnetic fluid accelerometer [2].
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