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bit of fluff

1. A physically attractive woman. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jack knew he was the envy of all of his friends as he paraded around town with his new bit of fluff.
2. A derogatory term used to describe a woman who lacks value beyond being physically attractive. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can't believe my ex-boyfriend went out with that bit of fluff!
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fluff one's lines

 and blow one's lines; muff one's lines
to speak one's speech badly or forget one's lines when one is in a play. The actress fluffed her lines badly in the last act. I was in a play once, and I muffed my lines over and over. It's okay to blow your lines in rehearsal.
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fluff something out

[for a bird] to move its feathers outward. The parrot said good night, fluffed its feathers out, and went to sleep. The bird fluffed out its feathers.
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fluff something up

to make something soft appear fuller or higher. Fluff your pillow up before you go to bed. She fluffed up her pillow before retiring.
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bit of fluff (or skirt or stuff)

a woman regarded in sexual terms. British informal
1937 W. Somerset Maugham Theatre It was strangely flattering for a woman to be treated as a little bit of fluff that you just tumbled on to a bed.
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fluff up

To shake or ruffle something, especially something with feathers or fur, to make it softer, puffier, or larger: When my canary fluffs up its feathers, it looks round and fat. I fluffed up the cat's fur with a hairbrush. The pillows will be more comfortable if you let me fluff them up.
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1. n. nonsense; irrelevant stuff; hype. Cut out the fluff and talk straight.
2. tv. & in. to make an error; to do something incorrectly. Todd fluffs his lines in the same place every night.


n. snow. There is supposed to be an inch of fluff-stuff tonight.
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Despite the big content of coarse fibers, the fluff thinness on these two lots of wool makes 20.
IP, with headquarters in Memphis, also makes fluff at part of its mills in Pensacola, Fla.
let "So being frightened of a bit of fluff does sound a little bit unusual to say the least and it must be a real temptation to reprimand her for being so silly.
The FURminator is pricier than most dog brushes--even some salon-grade hair brushes for humans don't run this high--but the brush has saved me from a life lived in a vortex of dog fluff, and as an allergy sufferer it has been a lifesaver.
You can carefully trim the outside edges of the fluffs until it is nicely round in shape.
And if he finds himself in a fluff-free environment he has been known to eat the fluff balls that have collected on socks; unfortunately the person is usually still wearing them at the time.
This rechargeable unit makes mincemeat out of fluff and dust, and is perfect for the stairs, sofas and car-cleaning.
Fluff 'N' Puff was treading water over the last two fences, but nearest pursuer Ol' Man River wouldn't go past despite threatening to do so more than once.
That clear message emerged from the recent battle over Marshmallow Fluff that erupted in the Massachusetts legislature.
Aimed at software developers, this anthology contains 15 technical articles based on talks given by speakers at gatherings that were part of the 2006 "No Fluff, Just Stuff" (NFJS) Symposium tour.
The fuss over the peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches began when Senator Jarrett Barrios said he planned to file an amendment to a school nutrition bill to restrict schools to serving them just once a week as the main meal of the day.
It is, indeed, what we have come to expect from Harris--fun, frivolous fluff.
In a nutshell: Lightweight fluff that could be much better.
I happen to agree, up to a point, and I share some of Goldberg's dismay at the drift of news toward fluff and of popular culture toward crass freak shows.
Try as the Sun-Times might, though, Fluff is still light, and not just the content: Since the magazine's launch at the end of July, so far it's had only a couple of ads.